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Dan Henderson: 'I don't need to rematch Anderson Silva to redeem myself'

As far as his next fight is concerned, Anderson Silva (L) is Dan Henderson's second choice.
As far as his next fight is concerned, Anderson Silva (L) is Dan Henderson's second choice.

Dan Henderson, aside from beating a who's-who of mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters under the PRIDE and Strikeforce banners, has done fairly well for himself as an employee of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), despite never wearing gold inside the Octagon.

That could change in the latter part of 2012, as "Hendo" will soon have his pick of the championship litter. But will he fight the winner of Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans, who compete for the 205-pound strap at UFC 145, or the winner of Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen, who battle for the Middleweight belt this June?

Preferably the former, as Henderson explains to Fight Hub TV, because at age 41, he's "not real keen on fighting at 185," despite an opportunity to avenge his loss to "The Spider" back in 2008.

"The 205 belt, the Light Heavyweight belt. I'm not real keen on fighting at 185 but it's still a possibility, I'm not ruling it out. I'm not real worried about it but right now I'd like to fight at 205. I fought [Anderson Silva] and lost awhile back and if it happens, it happens. I'm not in need of a rematch just to redeem myself. I know what I'm capable of and it would be nice to fight him when I'm having a good day and not a bad day but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. Both (Evans and Jones) are tough and have been around for a little while but for me the bigger thing is getting that UFC belt. It's the only thing I haven't gotten. That would be the motivation and it would definitely be a good sense of accomplishment."

Hear more from Henderson, after the jump.

Who do you, as a fan, want to see "Hendo" fight next?

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