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UFC 145 press conference video and LIVE updates today (April 18) for 'Jones vs Evans' in Atlanta

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will today (April 18, 2012) hold a public press conference to promote this Saturday's (April 21, 2012) UFC 145: "Jones vs. Evans" event, which will air live on pay-per-view (PPV) from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

The press conference will begin at 1 p.m. ET from downtown "Hotlanta."

Scheduled to attend will be the main event fighters of the evening, Jon Jones and Rashad Evans, as well as main card fighters Brendan Schaub, Ben Rothwell, Rory MacDonald and Che Mills. Hosting the press conference will be UFC commentator John Anik.

Jones is the current UFC Light Heavyweight champion, defeating former champs Mauricio Rua, Quinton Jackson and Lyoto Machida to both claim and defend the title in 2011. With Evans, he'll be looking to defeat his fourth straight former UFC light heavyweight titleholder. Oh, and there's some serious bad blood brewing between the two men.

His challenger, Rashad Evans, is the former UFC light heavyweight champion. Evans lost his title to Machida in 2009 and has been on the verge of getting it back ever since. "Suga" has been one of the unluckiest title challengers out there, routinely being in the wrong time at the wrong place which has delayed his quest to get his belt back. Now, the opportunity finally awaits.

And he'll have to battle a former friend and teammate to do it.

We'll have complete updates of the UFC 145 press conference, as well as a LIVE press conference video feed, after the jump:

Nostradumbass here filling in for Hemmi, who's on location in Cleveland trying to get Shinya Aoki's autograph.

The press conference is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. ET.

Allllllllrighty then. Here we go. Host Jon Anik introduces Rashad Evans to lukewarm applause. Hypes up Jon Jones who gets the same. Wow, crowd is hot. About as hot as a witch's tit in a brass bra.

Okay so it looks like this is media only and it's just the main eventers.

Anik asks Evans how he'll take Jon Jones down since no one has ever done it. "Suga" says he's confident in his abilities and that "Bones" is underestimating him. Says he doesn't pay attention to the 5:1 betting line. Downplays the old training time between him and the champ, says he enjoyed it.

Turns it to Jones and Jonny gives him a smidgen of credit for helping him on the way up and we go back to Evans, who changed camps to help get some of the fun back.

Evans says he doesn't get his due as 205-pound great but doesn't need to be reading his press clippings but a win over Jones will def. be "huge." Hasn't thought about the hall of fame but would love to do it one day.

Back to Jones who wants to be considered the best and it's what his life is about. Also says a win on Saturday night "huge" and says Evans has speed and grappling and wants to see if he can conquer it.

So far this thing is cordial. Boo!

Jones says he's fearless and knows what he's getting into, not sure if Rashad is still in his prime but thinks he's a different fighter but not necessarily improved. Praises Evans new six-pack abs and credits either a new supplement or new trainer.

Was that a PED dig????

Jones was pushed and inspired by some of the backstory and trash talk, Evans says the same and is sick of talking about (and looking at) Jones. Ready to fight and get it over with. Looking for balance outside of the cage to keep his passion up for fighting.

Jones says he's enjoying the process. Here come Twitter questions, oh lord.

What did Shogun and Machida do wrong? Evans says they let Jones work his game.

Hendo says Evans will put Jones on his back, but Jones disagrees yet still prepared to be on his back, says he's a complete fighter.

Evans not worried about emotions taking over and can "divorce" himself from the emotions. (lolz)

Jones won't disrespect Evans and call him a whiner but there's no sympathy for him after he bailed on Jackson's camp.

Evans made peace with the split from Jackson's camp and is not carrying around any baggage.

Both asked who is the greatest 205-pounder of all time. Evans says Chuck Liddell and Jones says Tito Ortiz because of his record of defenses.

Jones says his toughest fight was Stephan Bonnar. Calls him the terminator. Evans says his toughest fight is his next fight, as in each upcoming fight will be your toughest.

Media questions.

Evans says he's getting the belt on Saturday regardless of whether or not UFC wants him to have it. Jones says "It is what it is" for the third time.

For some reason the media is not getting the mic passed around so I don't know what the hell is being asked. Jones talking about triangles and sharks. Maybe he's vacationing in Bermuda after this fight?

Jones says he has no gameplan for this fight but expects Evans to try and take him down. "See what's given to me and react."

Asked if they can be friends again and Evans avoids it but Jones brings God into the equation. Refers to Muhammad Ali. Ha!

Jones gives props to Alexander Gustafsson for his swagger but wants to see him against a good wrestler and a better striker but says the only similarities are they are both tall.

"Bones" defends the comparisons to Muhammad Ali because he is not saying them, the fans and media are saying them. Says he is a fan of great athletes and comparisons are inspiring. Says Dana White's word is credible.

This is boring. We've heard all of this crap 100 times already. Would have loved to see and hear some of the other 145 fighters. Rory MacDonald, Michael McDonald and Stephen Thompson are all competing, the future of this sport. Anyone? Bueller?

Sorry, rant over.

Jones and Evans argue over who the better dresser is. Jones now talking about the warrior spirit and how to be a respectful fighter and yadda yadda yadda.

We need a Diaz/Mayhem style bench-clearing brawl to liven this thing up.

Jones brings up Evans' previous injuries and says his championship fights equate to Evans experience. "Suga" is mad as hell for being compared (physically) to Malki Kawa and says there is pressure to beat Jones just like when he fought Chuck.

Jones says Rashad is a winner and has some undeserved haters and is still dangerous.

Once again asked if the friendship will be rekindled and now Evans uses the G-word. Not sure if he can ever repair the bridge with Jackson's MMA. Jones says he didn't join the UFC to be popular or make friends but to make a good living for himself.

Both fighters thank the fans and say a bunch of nice things.

Press conference over.

Remember that will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the pay-per-view (PPV) main card action on fight night, which is slated to air at 10 p.m. ET. The latest quick updates of the "Prelims" under card action will begin to flow earlier than that around 7 p.m. ET.

For more on UFC 145: "Jones vs. Evans" be sure to hit up our event archive right here.

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