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Rashad Evans: It feels like the UFC doesn't want me to be champion (Video)

"To me, it honestly feels like they don't want me to have the belt. And that could just be my paranoid mind thinking and it probably is, I don't know, whatever the case, they're probably just indifferent to the whole thing. But in my mind I feel like they're like, 'Oh man, we don't want this dude to be champion. We don't want him to be champion.' But it's something that, inside me, is so important because that will show all my sacrifice, all my hard work, all my heartache, everything that I've been given on this journey wasn't in vein. That it was worth something."

Considering the fact that it was recently announced that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is actually going to be a sponsor for Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones for his fight against Rashad Evans at UFC 145 on April 21, 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia, maybe "Suga" isn't so paranoid after all. Or maybe it's just business and the UFC has no rooting interest either way. To even imply as much with satirical quotes is a dangerous practice. Nonetheless, Evans is coming out and saying it -- he doesn't think the powers that be with the world's largest fight promotion want the 205-pound title around his waist. Despite that, he's busting his ass to make that happen this Saturday night at the Philips Arena, the very same venue that saw him take Chuck Liddell's soul back at UFC 88. Is a similar outcome in the cards this weekend? Stay tuned, Maniacs. In the meantime, what do you think of Evans' comments? Is his mind playing tricks on him?

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