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UFC Quick Quote: Chuck Liddell says teammates should fight, drink beers afterward

"If (a teammate) can beat me, they can beat me. It is what it is. They deserve to fight me then. I'm not going to hold back some guy that's in my camp if he wants to fight me. That's not my thing. It's just a personal choice and a personal opinion, but I think eventually, hey you guys are going at it, then go out and have two beers together afterwards. Go out there and prove who's best that day, and go out and be friends again."

-- Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight champion and UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell would have no problems fighting his teammate. That's what "The Iceman" said on his appearance on "The MMA Hour" today (April 16, 2012). Liddell was referring to the current and much-publicized rift between former friends and training partners Rashad Evans and current 205-pound kingpin Jon Jones, who will finally face off this weekend (April 21, 2012) at UFC 145. Liddell himself has gone toe-to-toe with former friends and training partners in the case of his feud with Tito Ortiz, whom he defeated twice (UFC 46 and UFC 66). Though the beef between the two men has since appeared to be squashed, the polarizing pair aren't exactly exchanging Christmas cards. How about it Maniacs, do you agree with Liddell's view on the age-old teammate vs. teammate debate? Perhaps mixed martial arts (MMA) fans would be treated to many more compelling match ups if they shared "The Iceman's" same sentiments.

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