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MMA Quick Quote: Gina Carano still not announcing her retirement from fighting

Photo of Gina Carano via <a href="" target="new">GQ</a>
Photo of Gina Carano via GQ

"No, I haven't. I think it's really nice for me to get into this new career. I know I can't make a living fighting, nor would I want to make a living fighting for the rest of my life. Plus it's been a decade now. I don't know if you've been reporting or doing something for 10 years, but after you do it long enough and you find something else to put your energy towards, it's just like starting over but it's fresh and you have the energy all of a sudden to do it. ... I don't want to be one of those people that says, 'Oh, I retire. Okay, I'm back. Oh, I retire. Okay, I'm back.' I'm just like okay, this is what I'm doing right now. Who knows what's going to come after it? I really haven't really gotten that far yet."

-- In a recent interview with, former Strikeforce Women's Champion Gina Carano was unwilling to announce whether or not she has, in fact, retired from the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). That's because she's just living in the moment, enjoying her newfound success as a movie starlet in films like the critically acclaimed Haywire and her latest role, In The Blood. Essentially, as long as Hollywood will have her, she's got little to no reason to venture back to the fight game that made her famous in the first place. In her absence, new stars have risen -- see Rousey, Ronda and Tate, Miesha -- but the allure of spearheading the growth of women's MMA no longer holds the prestige it once did. Besides, UFC President Dana White has remained firm in his stance that the women's division simply isn't deep enough to warrant placement within his promotion. So if the choice is "Tinseltown" or Strikeforce, it's easy to see why Carano remains strong in her "conviction" to pursue acting. Sorry, Maniacs, but we may very well have seen the last of her inside the cage, even if she's not willing to say as much. Sad?

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