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Tim Sylvia reveals 'big announcement,' says he would 'absolutely' do The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) if he had to

Pictured: Tim Sylvia.
Pictured: Tim Sylvia.

Remember that "big announcement" former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia was teasing for April 14? Well he revealed all on his Twitter account and while some were surely hoping Dana White had changed his mind about bringing "The Maine-iac" back to the UFC, that's simply not the case.

Instead, it was just as my colleague Jesse Holland said it would be: a simple fight announcement on a regional show later this year.

Indeed, Sylvia announced at the Fight Night 2 event in Biddeford, Maine, that he will be returning to action on June 16 in Lewiston, Maine, against an opponent to be announced later.

That doesn't mean Timmah is giving up his dream of making a return trip to the Octagon one day. In fact, when he's not outright begging to be let back in or retweeting fans pleading to the powers that be, Sylvia was telling The Hammerfisting Podcast that he would go through The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) house to earn his spot.

Seriously. But don't take my word for it. Here's the quote from the man himself:

"Absolutely. I helped coach season two with Matt (Hughes) and Rich (Franklin) because it was half heavyweights and half 170 or 185-pounders. Matt being a 170-pounder and Rich being 185-pounds at that time and needing some help with the big boys, so, those are two of my best friends in the fighting industry. I went out there and stayed with those guys and helped them with their heavyweights and made some pretty good friends with that heavyweight division as well. But yeah, I watch The Ultimate Fighter and I would definitely do it if I needed to."

After an embarrassing knockout loss to geriatric pugilist Ray Mercer in 2009, Sylvia rebounded to win six of his next seven fights with five finishes. He most recently outpointed Andreas Kraniotakes at ProElite 2 last November, prompting him to declare he could defeat 80-percent of the current crop of UFC heavyweights.

UFC President Dana White insists that Sylvia is not only past his prime, but wasn't very good to begin with, having been champion when the promotion's 265-pound division was at its weakest. Still, that hasn't stopped "The Maine-iac" from getting into fighting shape, even going into BEAST MODE.

And desperate times call for desperate measures.

Alright, Maniacs, now you've heard the news. Disappointed it wasn't any bigger?

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