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UFC Quick Quote: The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) is absolutely coming to India

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"We've been around for a long time. I've heard this, the question you just asked me I have heard a million times about a million different leagues. We will see what happens with us and the Super Fight League. We're on TV there now. Let me ask you this, and you can answer this question yourself. The UFC is absolutely 100-percent coming to India, it is happening. We are on television there now, and we will be looking for fighters to do the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) in India. So if anybody over in India that is considered talented, or whatever, do they want to fight in the Super Fight League, or do they want to fight in the UFC? That's up to them. We will be going over there and we're going to be putting together the same show. Obviously the show that these guys are doing is a rip off and a copy of what we do. So, we'll see what happens, we'll see how this whole thing plays out. But I'm pretty confident we are going to do alright over in India."

Sorry, Super Fight League (SFL), but you're not going to be the only game in town here soon. That's because the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is, in fact, coming to your home turf. At least that's what UFC President Dana White told members of the media (via MMA Heat) last night (April 14, 2012) after UFC on Fuel TV 2 wrapped from Stockholm, Sweden. Zuffa, which recently announced a multi-year deal with Multi Screen Media (MSM) -- a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television -- to broadcast UFC programming in India on its new sports channel "SIX," is ready to stake its claim in yet another country. SFL, who has put on two shows to date, is currently the only mixed martial arts (MMA) league in India, but it will all change soon as the UFC plans to not only bring its live show but also its own version of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF). What say you, Maniacs, is this bad news for that "rip off" show that is SFL? And will they be able to survive once the UFC and its stars touch down on their own turf?

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