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UFC Quick Quote: Jon Jones wants to be better than Muhammad Ali

Photo of Muhammad Ali and Jon Jones via Cage Potato.
Photo of Muhammad Ali and Jon Jones via Cage Potato.

"It adds more pressure (the Ali photo shoot) but I consider it fun. Ali had many flaws in the person that he was but I loved Muhammad Ali. I watched every interview he done. I'm a huge fan of Muhammad Ali but I don't want to be him. I want to the best Jon Jones. I want to be better than Ali. That was the UFC's idea, people on the outside looking at me in a positive regard. I think it's awesome and what it does, for most young fighters it will get to their head, but for me, it motivated me and it empowers me to train harder. If I don't become greater than Muhammad Ali, that's my own fault. That's why I train so hard."

-- First a photo shoot to recreate a classic picture of the great Muhammad Ali and now this? Who does this Jon Jones guy think he is? Well, for starters, we already know he's kind of a big deal. And from the sounds of it, he knows that too. During a conference call today to promote his fight against Rashad Evans at UFC 145 on April 21, 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia, "Bones" was asked about what it's like to be compared to one of the pound-for-pound greatest boxers who ever lived. While Jones admits it adds pressure to his already heavy shoulders, his mind looks beyond the comparison and on to the potential he sees within himself. Which is to say, he believes he can be better than Ali. In fact, if his career ends and folks aren't saying as much, Jones will blame himself for that. Is this all a little too much for you, Maniacs? Or do you like the young phenom setting the bar so high?

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