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Bellator 65 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Makovsky vs Dantas' TONIGHT (April 13) on MTV2

Zach Makovsky - Eduardo Dantas
Zach Makovsky - Eduardo Dantas

Bellator Fighting Championships returns TONIGHT (April 13, 2012) to the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey, with the continuation of two tournaments and a title fight. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of Bellator 65 below, beginning with the MTV2 telecast at 8 p.m. ET. In addition, we'll deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of all the undercard action much earlier in the evening.

Headlining Bellator 65 will be a bantamweight title fight between champion Zach Makovsky and challenger Eduardo Dantas. Makovsky has dominated two non-title "superfights" in the interim while waiting for Dantas to win the Bellator season five bantamweight tournament. This bout should produce some fireworks.

Also on the card, the Bellator season six featherweight tournament continues with a pair of strong wrestlers as Ohio's Daniel Straus battles Mike Corey in a semifinal match-up.

The main card will be opened with a pair of solid season six bantamweight quarterfinal fights featuring former tournament participants. Season five finalist Alexis Vila will take on tough Brazilian Luis Nogueira and former title challenger Ed West battles the always-unlucky Marcos Galvao.

Complete Bellator 65 results and play-by-play are after the jump:

Main Card

135 lb. title: Eduardo Dantas def. Zach Makovsky via technical submission (arm triangle) at 3:26 of round 2
145 lbs.: Daniel Straus def. Mike Corey via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Marcos Galvao def. Ed West via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Luis Nogueira def. Alexis Vila via unanimous decision

Preliminary Card (

155 lbs.: E.J. Brooks def. Mikhail Malyutin via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Lyman Good def. LeVon Maynard via knockout at 0:13 of round 1
170 lbs.: Kris McCray def. Ailton Barbosa via split decision
155 lbs.: Will Martinez def. Terrell Hobbs via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:13 of round 1
145 lbs.: Scott Heckman def. Lester Caslow via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:40 of round 1
185 lbs.: Duane Bastress def. Plinio Cruz via TKO at 2:52 in round 2
145 lbs.: Kenny Foster def. Jay Haas via submission (guillotine) at 2:51 of round 1

Hemmi here. I'll be recapping all the action on the main card tonight.

135 lb. title: Zach Makovsky vs. Eduardo Dantas

Round one: Dantas takes control of the center and Makovsky fires off a nice head kick but it's blocked. Dantas has a low stance to prevent takedowns and he throws a nice knee as Makovsky circles away. Big body kick connects for Dantas and Makovsky gets knocked off balance slightly. Makovsky closes the distance and throws a nice straight left and Dantas fires off a huge body kick which knocks Makovsky off balance again. Makovsky closes the distance and takes Dantas down but Dantas puts him in an omaplata. Makovsky escapes the submission beautifully with a cartwheel pass and he's back in Dantas' guard. Dantas is looking for an omaplata again but Makovsky pops free. Mkavosky stands up and drops down with a nice left hand to pass Dantas' guard but Dantas uses the space to pop right back to his feet. Makovsky is dancing around the outside a bit here and Dantas is being very patient from the cage center. Big head kick from Dantas is partiall blocked and Makovsky shoots in for a single leg and secures it but Dantas pops back to his feet. Makovsky connects with a nice right hand along the fence and Dantas fires back with a head kick which grazes. 10-9 Dantas

Round two: Dantas presses forward and throws some nice punches and Makovsky closes the distance with a big takedown but Dantas hits the switch and takes top position with knee on belly! Wow that was slick. Dantas passes to mount but Makovsky initiates a scramble. Dantas is now on top in half guard and Makovsky retains full guard. Makovsky attacks with a leg lock but Dantas slips free and now dives in aggressively, passing to full mount and dropping some punches. Makovsky turns and he's stuck here. Dantas throws a nice right elbow and attacks with an arm triangle. Makovsky tries to lock his hands together to survive but he loses consciousness! The ref pull him off and it's all over. Wow!

Final Result: Eduardo Dantas defeats Zach Makovsky via technical submission (arm triangle choke) at 3:26 of round two


145 lbs.: Daniel Straus vs. Mike Corey

Round one: Straus takes the center of the cage and he immediately drops Corey with his first combination. Corey pops right back to his feet and they clinch along the cage. They reset and Corey throws a nice punch to the body while Straus blasts him with a nice left hand. Straus throws a nice knee in the clinch and then a nice body kick. Straus looks strong here. Straus throws a head kick which is blocked but his follow-up leg kick connects. Straus throws a combination and then shoots in for a takedown but can't get it. Corey stuffs him and they enter the clinch where Corey throws a nice knee to the body and some short rights hands to the body. They reset and Corey is bleeding. Corey throws a nice uppercut but doesn't follow up. Straus lands a nice leg kick and a straight left. Straus is finding a nice home for his straight left and Corey can't seem to stop it. Corey throws a spinning back fist and eats another big left hook from Straus. They trade until the final horn. 10-9 Straus

Round two: They trade early and Straus ducks a hook to try for a takedown but can't get it. Corey does the same and he's successful with a takeodown. He's on top as Straus is trying to work his way back to his feet and he's got a hold of Straus' ankle but the ref stands them up pretty quickly. Straus connects with his left hand and then a nice leg kick. Straus counters with a strong right hand as Corey comes in and throws a push kick to keep Corey at a distance. Corey ducks down and misses with a big hook and changes levels for a takedown but Straus stuffs him this time. They clinch and Corey attempts an inside trip. Straus also attempts a throw but Corey denies him. Corey throws a knee and Straus again takes inside position. Both men trade with nice combinations and Corey gets the better of it as he's being more active. Corey pushes Straus into the fence and utilizes some nice dirty boxing. Straus is stuck against the fence here and can't get off. Straus finally circles and the reset an dconnects with a nice left hand. Corey throws a big left hand and they exchange nicely until the bell. 10-9 Corey

Round three: Corey's face is a mess at the start of the round. Straus throws a nice pair of leg kicks early and Corey initiates a clinch working for a takedown but he can't get it. Straus has inside position along the fence and he throws a pair of nice knees. Corey reverses position changes levels but gives up on the takedown. Straus stuffs another takedown attempt and he's got Corey in a standing reverse body lock. Corey tries to keep wrist control and Straus fires off some knees. They reset in the cage center and Straus throws a nice leg kick. They trade and Corey connects with a short knee inside but Straus got the better of the punches. Straus throws a beautiful left counter which nails Corey and then another. Corey was staggered there for a second. Corey shoots in for a takedown and grabs a reverse body lock in the stand-up position. Straus turns into him and unloads a big flurry which backs Corey off. Corey's bleeding all over the place. Corey misses with a spinning back fist but throws push kick which grazes Straus. Corey pushes forward and throws a nice left hand but eats another counter. Corey presses Straus into the fence and Straus' mouthpiece comes out. The ref resets them and both men exchange strikes. Straus dives for a single leg and eats some short punches until the final bell. 10-9 Straus

Final Result: Daniel Straus defeats Mike Corey via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)


135 lbs.: Alexis Vila vs. Luis Nogueira

Round one: Vila opens with a high kick which is blocked and both men are staring each other down. Vila attempts a lunging left hook but it misses. Nogueira comes forward with a flying knee but it misses and he lands a nice inside leg kick. Vila closes the distance with a takedown attempt but he can't put Nogueira on the ground, throwing a nice right hand on the exit. Nogueira connects with a nice right hand counter as Vila charges in and he continues to counter. Nogueira is starting to get more comfortable here and he lands a nice inside left hook. Nogueira starts to build confidence and he backs Vila up but Vila lands a nice right hook which slows him down. Both men exchange punches in the pocket and Nogueira again backs Vila off. Nogueira times Vila beautifully and scores a takedown with 40 seconds left and he's nearly got Vila's back. Vila pops back to his feet and eats a knee to the back of the thigh and then another one. Nogueira takes Vila down again right before the bell. 10-9 Nogueira

Round two: Nogueira looks calm and composed early in the round, dancing around the outside and hoping to find a home for his punches. Nogueira presses forward with a flurry but Vila backs away. Vila swings and misses wildly with a haymaker but he shoots in and puts Nogueira down. Nogueira immediately pops back to his feet but Vila throws a few nice strikes. They reset and Vila again shoots forwards, scoring a takedown along the fence. He's not doing much with the takedown, however, just holding Nogueira down and Nogueira works his way back to his feet. Nogueira begins stalking and Vila's pace is starting to slow down here. Vila gets knocked off balance but he grabs a single leg and scores a takedown. Nogueira swings for a heel hook and they reset back to their feet in a beautiful scramble. Vila hunts for a takedown in the final 15 seconds but can't get it. 10-9 Vila

Round three: Both men are tentative here in the opening minute. Nogueria finally presses forward witha flurry but neither man is doing anything significant yet. Vila wings a hook and slips but recovers. Nogueira presses forward with another flurry and this round is still up for grabs with two minutes to go. Nogueira connects with a nice leg kick and he's being really patient here. Vila's pace has slowed down significantly and Nogueira steps forward with some punches and a kick. Vila throws a nice right hand and drops down for a single leg and Nogueira pops right back to his feet. Vila wings an uppercut that misses badly and Nogueira cracks him with a right hand. Vila gets stuffed on a takedown attempt and Nogueira tries to score a takedown of his own. Vila is bouncing on one foot defending Nogueira's single leg until the bell sounds as the fans rain down some boos. 10-9 Nogueira

Final Result: Luis Nogueira defeats Alexis Vila via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


135 lbs.: Ed West vs. Marcos Galvao

Round one: Both men come out swinging early with punches and West turns and throws a side kick, then a leg kick. West cracks Galvao with a head kick and Galvao changes levels and dumps West on his back. West works for a guillotine but gives up on it and gets back to his feet but Galvao dumps him right back on the ground and takes his back standing. West squirms free and resets the action. West throws a left hook and Galvao fires back with a leg kick and then a big pair of hooks. West attempts a flying knee and Galvao CREAMS him with hook which drops West to the canvas. West survives and they get to the fence where West cracks Galvao with a big upkick. Galvao passes to side control and attempts a D'Arce choke but West escapes danger and gets back to his feet. Galvao has West in the clinch and attempts an outside trip but gets denied. West throws a foot stomp and then both men reset again. West gets back to his kicking game and fires off a combination. Galvao's pace is slowing down a bit and West lands a nice knee as both men exchange heavily until the end of the round. 10-9 Galvao

Round two: Galvao comes out swinging extremely heavily. West throws a nice head kick and Galvao counters with a heavy leg kick which connects. West comes in and throws a nice right hand and a leg kick, then another. Galvao changes levels and take West down and West is hunting for a guillotine choke from closed guard. West is really squeezing hard here but the submission isn't coming and West instead pops back to his feet. Galvao works an outside trip but West bounces back to his feet and throws a foot stomp followed by a knee to the body. Both men posture in the clinch and West whiffs with a huge spinning back fist. Galvao lungest forward with a looping pair of hooks but they only graze. West throws a nice push kick and Galvao responds with a big flying knee but West seems unfazed. West has inside position along the fence and launches a nice combination of punches on the exit. West lands with a nice body kick and Galvoa backs him off with a big look. West continues to throw kicks and they're unanswered. Galvao throws a leg kick and West turns sideways, throwing a side kick. West keeps pressing forward at the end of the round and his aggression might have won him the round in that last 90 seconds. 10-9 West

Round three: West opens with a huge head kick and both men trade punches. West fires off a leg kick and Galvao shoots for a takedown but West denies him and attempts a standing guillotine which doesn't work. Galvao scores a nice outside trip and West hunts for a Kimura from bottom but gives up on it. West can't afford to be stuck on bottom here. West throws his legs up for an armbar but Galvao slips free and passes to half guard, now to side control. Galvao fires off some nice knees to West's torso and West turns into him trying to retain his guard and he does. West rolls backwards to escape but Galvao leaps on his back. Galvao's too high and they both return to standing. West fires off some knees in the clinch and Galvao responds with a big knee. Galvao connects with a kick and then a huge right hand which catches West off balance and drops him to the canvas. Galvao postures up and throws some nice hammer fists from above and West backwards somersaults. Galvao stays right on him and West misses with an outside trip as both men work in the clinch. They reset and Galvao connects a big right hand before the final bell. 10-9 Galvao

Final Result: Marcos Galvao defeats Ed West via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)


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