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Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15 live results for episode six TONIGHT (April 13) on FX

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Five down, seven to go.

Ultimate Fighting Championship's (UFC) reality television baby The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), is now in full swing with five episodes in the books and and the elimination fights inside the house well underway.

Last week's broadcast showcased Michael Chiesa overcoming the loss of his father just weeks ago to win his first fight inside the house over Jeremy Larsen. It was also the second consecutive victory for Team Urijah Faber.

Tonight's show will feature the volatile Chris Tickle in action against Joe Proctor. Dominick Cruz has butted heads with Tickle all season long and now he's tasked with getting him ready for the fight of his life. Should be interesting. Or at least as much as it can be inside the TUF house. has a live blog of all the night's action, starting at 10 p.m. ET, after the jump.


Geno here.

Broadcast is live (so to speak).

Recap of last week's episode airs before the intro runs.

Michael Chiesa dedicates his win from last week to his mom, not his dad. He dedicated his last fight to his father so this time it's his mother.

They cut to Team Cruz and Chris Tickle is drunk as hell. He got wasted before the fight last week and he's causing a ruckus. Finally, Cruz gets tired of it and tells him to shut his trap, which he does.

Shortly after, though, Tickle takes Cruz aside and says he needs Cruz to "push" him during training.

An incredulous Cruz asks, "What the hell do you think I've been doing up to this point?"

Back to the TUF house and Proctor and Tickle are joking and checking their weights. Whatever.

Outside, the boys are chiding Tickle for his lack of awareness. Like the fact that he's getting the chance to be coached by Dominick freaking Cruz and he's just blowing it off.

Commercial break.

Mike Rio has a bum knee and they're playing it up. Justin Lawrence is chatting him up and they're talking about when to quit the game. Rio says 40, Lawrence says 30.

Cut to the training center and Cruz is apologizing to Tickle for his attitude the other night. Tickle needs to get ready for his fight however he needs to get ready and that shouldn't affect Cruz the way it has.

Uh-oh, Justin Lawrence and Mike Rio are battling it out sparring. They go legit real quick after Lawrence throws a spinning kick, which were previously banned by Cruz. Rio didn't like Lawrence throwing it. So they went hard and Rio started grappling, which had Lawrence getting submitted and looking terrible.

Cruz tells Lawrence to calm it down and not lose his cool so fast.

Time for Team Faber training sessions. And to learn about Joe Proctor. He's from Boston and he's going to make the most of this opportunity. Faber refers to him as the quiet dude with a lot of bite.

Faber coaches Proctor up. Don't get sucked into a brawl and get out of the way after throwing punches because Tickle gets wild in a hurry. Don't be afraid to use the takedown when it's there, and it will be there.

Back at the house and Tickle wants to play a prank on the blue team. He sets up a water bottle on top of the door and it drops water down on Proctor. He thought it was funny.

Commercial break.

It's Easter at the TUF house and Tickle is going to work up some grub while the others are going to make use of the pool. Chiesa and a few others make a slip-n-slide and that serves to take up some time.

But good god, this is garbage television.

Tickle talks about how he's never had a coach and everything he knows, he's learned from YouTube. No wonder he's such a problem in the training rooms.

Commercial break.

Cruz puts Tickle through the ringer in training. He likes to stand and bang and he plans to whoop Proctor's ass. Yep.

Weigh-ins time.

Chris Tickle: 153-pounds
Joe Proctor: 155-pounds

Smartass Tickle eats a piece of pizza on the scale but still easily makes weight.

Time for the last minute coaching from both guys. All the same stuff from earlier in the episode.

Is it fight time yet?

Commercial break.

FINALLY. Let's do this.

Chris Tickle vs. Joe Proctor (155-pound limit)

Round one: Slow going to start. Proctor pushes in and lands a nice right hand to clinch up against the cage. Tickle reverses and has position. He throws a big overhand that finds the spot on the way out and Proctor looked uncomfortable after that one. They reset and once again move nice and slow. Faber calls for Proctor to throw some straight punches. Tickle rushes but fails to land much of significance. They clinch again and Proctor's Thai Plum yields zero results. One minute to go and still very little action. Proctor shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Tickle stands up but in the course of doing so gets his back taken and Proctor locks in a rear-naked choke. It looks tight but Tickle is holding on. Finally, after what seems like forever, he taps and Proctor moves on.

Final result: Joe Proctor def. Chris Tickle via submission (rear-naked choke) in round one

Proctor puts over Joe Lauzon and Tickle says he thought he did good but Proctor was just too deep with the choke.

Commercial break.

Time for the next fight pick.

Faber congratulates his team and coaches before throwing some love Tickle's way for handling himself like a man in his loss.

John Cofer vs. Vinc Pichel is the fight for next week.

See you in seven, Maniacs.

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