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MMA Quick Pic: Frank Shamrock's braces finally come off

Photo of Frank Shamrock sans braces via Facebook.
Photo of Frank Shamrock sans braces via Facebook.

After something like 20 years or so, mixed martial arts (MMA) legend Frank Shamrock has finally done away with his braces. See it to believe it, Maniacs.

Shamrock, who announced his retirement from the fight game as an active competitor on June 26, 2010, has been working as a cageside commentator for Strikeforce. And every time he's made his way into our homes via broadcast television, he's done so wearing those goofy braces.

But no longer.

Now, fans on social media sites like Twitter can go back to complaining and making bad jokes about Gus Johnson's make up or Showtime's production values during Strikeforce shows.

Hip hip hooray!

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