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Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans 'Lionheart' video parody for UFC 145 title fight

Jean-Claude Van Dayum.

I'm sure Jon Jones and the rest of the Jackson's MMA camp is hoping their UFC 145 title fight plays out as easily as it does in the above video, but I'm certain "Suga" is going to fare a little better than he does in this "Lionheart" parody of their headlining bout on April 21, 2012 from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

"Bones" assumes the role made (somewhat) famous by the Brusscular B-movie star and tells the tale of a hard-headed French soldier who abandons his post overseas to help his whiny sister-in-law pay the rent on their two-bedroom flat in the ghetto.

All thanks to his dipshit brother, who was gunned down gangland style for trying to play Scarface.

Naturally, he cant get a job, so he must fight for some wealthy slut in a underground parking lot before getting trained by a Tony Burton wannabe. The big payoff is his showdown against "Attila," who looks like a shorter, goofier version of Andre the Giant, assuming the deceased Frenchman had a fetish for cats.

In other words, it's one of Van Damme's best!

Any chance life imitates art a week from Saturday night? Place your bets, fellow Maniacs. You must choose ... but choose wisely.

Props: Middle Easy

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