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The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): 'Brazil' debuts on Fuel TV June 2012


Are you ready for The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) to be broadcast year-round? If you just answered with a Diego Sanchez-inspired, "Yes!" then you're about to get good news.

Fuel TV's Executive Vice President and General Manager George Greenberg made the announcement earlier today (April 9, 2012) during a special conference call with the media before the upcoming UFC on Fuel TV 2 event in Stockholm, Sweden.

Part of the plan is to not have the TUF: "Brazil" season interfere with the current season of TUF: "Live," which airs on sister station, FX. Once the current "Live" season finishes its run on FX, the TUF: "Brazil" replay will begin on Fuel TV this June.

The goal isn't to be entirely up with the times -- the "Brazil" finalists are expected to fight each other at UFC 147 on June 23, 2012. On the contrary, it will be more to keep the plate warm for the next season of TUF on FX, which is scheduled to debut later this September.

Greenberg explains it all after the jump:

"We're probably going to air it in June and the reason why we're not airing it simultaneously is because we don't want to take any air out of the room promotionally for TUF on FX. TUF on Brazil is something that is airing in real time in Brazil and if you haven't seen it hear, that just means you haven't seen it here. In the wonderful world of time-shifting, as soon as TUF on FX is done, then we will premier TUF Brazil which will be a great promotional tool to lead into the next TUF on FX and it will be a constant give and a go between a series that is happening right here and now and a series that possibly did not happen at the exact same time that was going on in real time. So really, there isn't a lot of room in the world for two TUFs at one time and we wanted the first one to sit in there and plant, seat itself and we'll use the next one as a vehicle which I hear is wonderful and I've seen a couple. It's pretty raw and pretty intense and that will lead into TUF again which takes off on FX probably in September."

Of course, if you don't feel like waiting, you can watch all the current episodes of TUF: "Brazil" live on and we'll continue running live results and update articles here on MMAmania to keep you current in case you need that immediate international fix.

So what do you think of this idea?

Will you be tuning in to a super-delayed season of The Ultimate Fighter? What do you think of the idea for having a season of The Ultimate Fighter airing year-round on the FOX team of networks?

Opinions, please.

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