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Video: Randy Couture names UFC's top four pound-for-pound fighters

Not surprisingly, they're all reigning division champions.

Randy Couture, himself a titleholder in both the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions, knows what it takes to wear gold for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and breaks down the skills and attributes that make Jose Aldo, Georges St. Pierre, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones his top four pound-for-pound fighters inside the Octagon.

From the UFC:

Randy Couture's Hall of Fame career and legendary status makes him a "natural" at breaking down the sport to which he's dedicated his life. In this episode of "The Takedown," Couture weighs in on the always fluid pound for pound debate including an eye-opening analysis of light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

No big surprises on this list, Maniacs, but how do we put them in order, from pound-for-pound highest to lowest? That's what the comments section is for. Take a look at the above video and let's hear what you've got.

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