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Bellator heavyweight title fight between Cole Konrad vs Eric Prindle delayed until May 25


Guess whose fight is delayed again?

If you automatically assumed Eric Prindle's upcoming Bellator heavyweight title shot against champion Cole Konrad, you guessed right.

After announcing that he would be out of the title fight late last week, Prindle tweeted today that his title fight had been rescheduled for May 25, which is planned to be Bellator 70, although the location and venue have yet to be announced.

The reasoning for the delay hasn't officially been announced, but Prindle informed the Cagejunkies podcast that it was "all his own fault."

This delay just further continues the horrible string of bad luck which has affected Prindle ever since he made it to the finals of the Bellator season five heavyweight tournament late last year.

It all started when Prindle was kicked squarely in the groin at Bellator 59 in the main event against Thiago Santos. He was unable to continue and the bout was ruled a no contest. With no official winner of the season five heavyweight tournament, the rematch was scheduled for Bellator 61 last month.

Unfortunately, the rematch between Santos and Prindle was delayed by a combination of Prindle coming down with the flu and Santos being unable to make the 265 pound weight limit.

After getting one week to recuperate, the rematch was set for Bellator 62, although when Santos reportedly missed weight by 11 pounds, the bout was cancelled completely and Prindle was crowned the season five tournament victor.

The title fight between Prindle and champion Cole Konrad was immediately scheduled for Bellator 65 this week, although now it has once again been delayed, this time by injury.

Hopefully, the planned Bellator 70 bout goes off as planned, although with the track record of these high profile heavyweight fights in Bellator, the odds are not in its favor.

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