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Report: John Cena vs The Rock WrestleMania 28 rematch signed for UFC 152

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Update: For real WrestleMania 28: "John Cena vs. The Rock" results click here.

Following in the footsteps of Brock Lesnar, two WWE Superstars have signed with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to participate in a bout that will take place later this year.

Tonight (April 1, 2012) at WrestleMania 28, John Cena and The Rock will take part in a scripted professional wrestling match that has been one year in the making. But, at UFC 152, tentatively scheduled for sometime in Oct. 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the two men will do battle inside the Octagon with no script to follow and no pulled punches.

UFC President Dana White took to Twitter this morning to announce the bout:

"Make sure u watch wrestle mania tonight. part 1 of the rock and john cena. pt 2 will be inside the octagon!"

It's being reported the history-making fight is part of a deal involving Brock Lesnar being allowed to re-sign with WWE. When WWE Chairman Vince McMahon began negotiating with the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, he discovered a clause in Lesnar's contract with Zuffa that prevented him from signing with any fight promotion or wrestling organization for at least three years following his mixed martial arts (MMA) retirement.

McMahon got on the horn with White and the two titans of their respective industries hammered out a deal.

Lesnar was allowed to re-sign with WWE -- and will likely make an appearance at tonight's WrestleMania 28 event -- and White would get dibs on the John Cena and The Rock rematch inside the Octagon.

The two superstars have made it no secret their animosity extends well beyond the storyline in which they are involved. Cena resents The Rock -- real name Dwayne Johnson -- for abandoning the wrestling company to become a big time Hollywood actor, while The Rock's patience with Cena's constant jabs over the years is growing thin.

While both are professionals and will do what needs to be done tonight in Miami, both jumped at the chance to trade suplexes for kimuras and bodyslams for overhand rights.

More information on this historic bout after the jump:

The Rock has long been a Muay Thai practitioner, having perfected The People's Elbow several years ago. The strike has put more than one opponent away and the former champion will look to nail Cena with it both tonight and in October. It's unknown exactly how long he's been training, but it's long enough to be able to hold his own once the Octagon gate shuts.

Cena, on the other hand, has an amateur wrestling and boxing background. His Attitude Adjustment finisher is essentially a fireman's carry -- a basic wrestling throw -- on steroids and his Five Knuckle Shuffle punch has had opponents reeling for years. His amateur wrestling prowess is such that WWE Studios filmed a documentary called "Legendary" a few years back.

While the winner of tonight's WrestleMania 28 main event will soon be decided, the winner of UFC 152's main event will be decided in October when "The People's Champion" and "The Doctor of Thuganomics" step inside the Octagon.

It's as real as it gets ... unlike this article.

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