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UFC 150 headed to mainland Asia: Pyongyang, North Korea

You'd better watch Ultimate Fighting Championships in North Korea this year ... or expect a visit from the secret police.
You'd better watch Ultimate Fighting Championships in North Korea this year ... or expect a visit from the secret police.

Who is ready for a cult of personality?

We've all heard the rumors that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was targeting an event in Asia in 2012, but now it's all but been confirmed. The world's leading mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion will make its mainland Asia debut later this year and the surprise sweepstakes winner is Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, which will host UFC 150.

Apparently, Kim Jong-un -- the son of the late Kim Jong-Il -- is a huge closet cagefighting fan and with his father's passing earlier this year, he made it a national priority to bring the UFC to his homeland.

UFC President Dana White wasn't thrilled with the idea at first, but when Kim Jong-un proposed a government mandate that all North Korean citizens watch the event, he just couldn't resist those impeccable television ratings.

More on this literally unbelievable story after the jump:

No one would have expected North Korea to be the frontrunner of all the potential Asian markets, what with it's horrible human rights records and all, but Kim Jonh-un gave the UFC brass an offer they couldn't refuse.

In exchange for the guaranteed market share, UFC will provide the Dear Leader with heavyweight Shane Carwin, who's engineering skills promise to be quite useful in North Korea's expanding experimental weapons research development.

Also part of the deal will be a special main event featuring the first three man mixed martial arts bout in UFC history. To help grow Kim Jong-un's legend, he'll be stepping into the cage against UFC heavyweights Junior dos Santos and Alistair Overeem, although both men have already pledged to drop at the first strike from the "Supreme Commander of the People's Army."

Instead of the usual UFC fan expo, there is already a planned mass gymnastics display, which is expected to last a minimum of 17 straight hours. As part of his rehab and in light of his new training regimen, UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre will be center stage.

Are you as shocked as we are by these recent developments?

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