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Video: Rich Franklin still believes he could beat Anderson Silva in third fight


Former Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin believes if he was given another crack at current 185-pound kingpin, Anderson Silva, he could actually win. This despite two embarrassing losses to "The Spider" that say otherwise. got the word straight from the "Ace's" mouth:

"If I was able to put another title run together and the UFC wanted to do another fight with Anderson, I would be willing to do another fight with Anderson. And I believe -- and this is just because of the champion mentality in my head -- but I believe that given another shot, I could win that fight."

Silva first destroyed Franklin back in Oct. 2006 to win the middleweight title. It was just the second fight under the UFC banner for the Brazilian badass, but he hasn't lost since. That includes stomping Franklin again in the rematch at UFC 77 in Oct. 2007.

Now, five years later, does anyone believe -- even a little bit -- that "Ace" would have a shot at winning a third fight?

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