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UFC Quick Quote: Miguel Torres wishes he could erase Twitter past but looks forward to bright future

Pictured: Miguel Angel Torres.
Pictured: Miguel Angel Torres.

"This fight on April 21st against Michael McDonald means a lot to me for several reasons. Of course, it offers me the chance to get another win in the UFC, move a step closer to the world title and continue my recent run of form. More than any of that, though, it feels great to be fighting again because, for a short while last year, my future in the UFC looked uncertain. As most of you will be aware, I said something insensitive on Twitter and duly suffered the consequences. I was initially told I would no longer be able to fight in the UFC and that my time with the world's top mixed martial arts organization was over. As you can expect, this hurt a great deal and resulted in a huge amount of regret on my part. Looking back, what happened was a mistake, and one I desperately wish I could erase. I said something stupid, I was very insensitive, and I paid the price. Thankfully, at least I'm now aware of just how powerful my words can be and, as a result, will never approach social media in such a carefree manner again."

-- If there's anyone who knows Muhammed Lawal's pain, at least as far as making mistakes on Twitter goes, it's Miguel Torres. The former WEC Bantamweight champion made an insensitive joke about rape on the popular social media site and was released by the UFC shortly thereafter. Just 20 days later, however, he was brought back after taking all the necessary steps to show how remorseful he was for his actions. In fact, to this day he's remorseful, as he writes in his blog for ahead of his UFC 145 showdown against Michael McDonald on April 21, 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia, a bout that was just recently moved to the pay-per-view portion of the main card. But the past is the past and now it's time for Torres to move forward on his path back to the bantamweight championship. Anyone think we'll see Torres once again fighting for the title someday? And will it be a success story if so?

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