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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White says the country of Brazil and its people are getting a bad rap

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is going to be sight of UFC 147 on June 23, 2012.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is going to be sight of UFC 147 on June 23, 2012.

"I think Brazil is getting a bad rap. To be honest with you, the first few times that I went to Brazil I was very nervous and thought, 'oh my God,' this and that. I've been to Brazil many times and Brazil as a country and Brazilians as a people are getting a bad rap. Brazil isn't as dangerous and as scary and as crazy as everybody thinks it is. I mean sure, there has been some bad things that have happened down there in the past. Bad things happen everywhere, you know? We can say the same thing in Detroit, we can say the same thing in New York, we can say the same thing in a lot of cities across the United States. Yes, he (Sonnen) has said a lot of stuff about Brazilians and that country and lots of people are going to tune in and show up to see Anderson Silva kick his ass because that is what the Brazilians want. I don't think that it's at a point where, you now, people down there want to hurt Chael Sonnen, you know what I mean? They are going to show up, watch a sporting event and they are going to look for their countrymen and their hero and the best fighter ever to come out of Brazil or any other country around the world to win that night against Chael."

Ever since the long awaited rematch between Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen was rumored to go down in "The Spider's" home country of Brazil, fans and media alike immediately started to worry for Sonnen's safety. After all, the country has been Sonnen's favorite target when it comes to his ever-so entertaining verbal jabs. Even UFC Heavyweight contender Frank Mir has expressed his concerns should he ever have to fight a Brazilian in his own home country. Now that the bout has been confirmed for June 23, 2012, in Rio de Janeiro, UFC President Dana White assures everyone (via Fight Day) that Chael will be fine once he touches down for his fight against one of Brazil's most beloved sons, Anderson Silva. Known for its sandy beaches and beautiful women, Brazil is also known for its dangerous crime ridden "favelas." But, as White states, danger can be present in any country in the United States, if not the world. Anyone think Chael should beef up his security while in Rio, just in case? Or is all this worrying for Sonnen's safety all for naught?

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