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Thiago Alves 'devastated' after Martin Kampmann loss, regrets last-minute takedown (Video)

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"I was happy that I was able to pick him apart. That was the plan, but unfortunately in the last 48 seconds, I got caught. It's devastating. But, it was out of my control -- I know I did my best in every aspect. I was winning the fight after three rounds, I just made a mistake and paid for it. I feel now that I should have kept him standing up and [continued to beat him up]. I'm not sure about that late takedown. I don't really know [how far this loss sets me back]. There is confusion in the weight class right now -- just 48 seconds later and it could be a totally different picture. Next I'll regroup, go back home and get better. I know I'm better than this, but unfortunately I got caught. That's life."

C'est la vie! Former number one Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight number one contender, Thiago Alves, can't do anything about his loss to Martin Kampmann in the UFC on FX 2 main event now other than imagine what might have been had he kept the fight upright. "Pitbull" had "Hitman" hurt bad and on the defense late in the third round, connecting with a straight right, head-kick and then uppercut that had the Danish fighter clinging to survival. All this after Alves spent the first two rounds pretty much doing the same thing, which was beating up a very talented and dangerous fighter. But then, for some wild reason -- perhaps to score extra points with less than one minute remaining in the fight -- Alves opted to shoot for a takedown rather than continue his onslaught. It was a tremendous mistake because Kampmann grabbed a hold of his neck on the way down, reversed to top position with the choke firmly in place and squeezed the life out of the Brazilian to register a huge come-from-behind submission victory. An opportunity that should have never even presented itself had Alves stuck to the original script. But then again, with all these whacky decisions going on lately, perhaps Alves over-thought the situation and went for the takedown to impress the judges despite his natural instincts to finish the fight. Point fighting ... it's all the rage these days. Tsk, tsk ...