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Chael Sonnen promo on Anderson Silva: Of course your rib hurts, it's inside of a coward

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"The Voice of Reason," according to his new book at least, is back with more firepower he's slinging at Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.

Chael Sonnen's promo work started strong back before the first match-up between the two but has since fizzled into outright stealing pro wrestler's old material. Now, though, he seems to be back to his old ways with this solid little bit:

"I stomped you before and I will stomp you again. You are a nuisance to me and to everybody else. You ducked me for six years. You ducked me for two years after that. There's nothing I can do more than pick a fight. You put every stipulation on this thing that you could think of and I answered them all, including coming to Brazil like that's some kind of a big deal. What's the difference? It's a plane ride somewhere. I'm not fighting you in Brazil, I'm not fighting you in Chicago, I'm not fighting you in Florida; I'm fighting you in the Octagon. And when you get in there and I get in there, I'm going to stomp you this time same as I did last time. You can complain about your rib. I'm sure your rib did hurt; your rib is inside of a coward. That's the problem your rib's got, it's got the same problem your hands and feet have -- they're attached to you, dummy. I'm going to be attached to you, too, for 25 minutes or until you give up."

The rematch between the two is still not officially official, as contracts have yet to be signed, sealed, and delivered, but the date has been set for UFC 147 on June 23 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

While Sonnen did, indeed, give "The Spider" all he could handle for 23 minutes back in Aug. 2010 in Oakland, it's going to be a whole new ball game when he goes traveling into the belly of the beast to attempt to dethrone the middleweight king on his home soil.

In front of rabid fans that, let's face it, aren't exactly fond of Mr. Sonnen.

Can he finish the job this time out? Is he good enough to avoid another last minute submission? We'll find out soon enough. In the meantime, hear more from the number one contender after the jump.

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