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Dana White: Alexander Gustafsson is kicking so much ass, guys are afraid to spar with him (Video)

"Forrest Griffin told us that (Alexander Gustafsson) has been out here [in Las Vegas] and he's been beating the living shit out of everybody. Forrest Griffin said this guy's the real deal and he's been out here in Vegas kicking everyone's ass. He said people don't even want to spar with him. He came here to Las Vegas to up his game and I guess he's been beating the shit out of everybody. People are like 'Yeah, I'm not fucking sparring with him today.'"

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight brawler Thiago Silva recently said he was ready to kill or be killed in Sweden, which is what it might come down to when he locks horns with native son Alexander Gustafsson at the UFC on FUEL TV 2 event on April 14 in Stockholm. According to UFC President Dana White (via Studio MMA), "The Mauler" has been kicking so much ass in "Sin City," guys don't even want to spar with him at the gym. Will he be able to carry that dominance over into his main event against Silva in less than a month?

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