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UFC on FX 2 results: Constantinos Philippou decisions Court McGee

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Pictured: Constantinos Philippou
Pictured: Constantinos Philippou

Tonight's (Fri., March 2, 2012) UFC on FX 2: "Alves vs. Kampmann" main card from Sydney, Australia, kicked off with a middleweight mash up pitting former drug addict and inspiring success story Court McGee against the heavy handed Constantinos Philippou.

McGee came into the fight having won all three of his Octagon contests while Philippou was rocking a two-fight win streak and looking to make a late career run in the 185-pound division. Something had to give.

As it turns out, that was "The Crusher's" ability to do much of anything, as Philippou controlled the majority of the action throughout the bout to earn a unanimous decision victory on scores of 29-28 across the board.

After going down two rounds to none, McGee simply couldn't dig himself out of the whole he created in the third, despite his best efforts. It will be a long climb back up the middleweight ladder.

The pace was slow early, as both men simply circled around each other, patiently waiting for an opportunity to land that devastating strike that would end the fight. It looked like Philippou would be the one to do so, too, seeing as he landed a couple hard shots that sent a sickening thud reverberating throughout the Allphones Arena.

McGee ate those punches and stayed hungry to push forward to deliver a few of his own.

Then again, when Constantinos wanted to, he was landing with precision power. Not only that, he avoided every takedown attempt that came his way.

The second stanza saw the same action as the first. McGee pushing forward in an aggressive manner, doing his damnedest to land hard shots whilst attempting a takedown here and there, and Philippou avoided all of the above while finding a home for his punches.

Knowing he needed something big in the final frame, "The Crusher" came out hard and fast in the third, winging punches while still looking for that elusive takedown. He finally achieved one in this round but it lasted for all of two seconds.

He scored with punches throughout the remainder of the bout but it was too little, too late.

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