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Video: Ronda Rousey talks to ESPNs Dan Le Batard about beating up guys in movie theatre melee

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Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey recently skyrocketed to the heights of fame after defeating Miesha Tate on March 3, 2012, at Strikeforce: "Tate vs. Rousey" in Columbus, Ohio.

The first round armbar submission marked the fifth time in a row that "Rowdy" has finished the fight in such a violent fashion (see grisly .gif here). But, it isn't just Rousey's fight game that has been garnering her attention. After her win over Tate, Rousey went so far as to say she could also beat up "'Takedown's" boyfriend, Bryan Caraway.

Today (March 19, 2012), Rousey appeared on ESPN's "Dan Le Batard Highly Questionable" to defend her statements:

"I just said that I could beat up her and boyfriend in the same day, which, he's just some average, to below average MMA guy and I'm, like, the women's world champion. It would be expected that I'd be able to beat the average MMA guy in my weight class, right? Is that such an unbelievable thing to say? No."

Rousey was just getting started. Check out what else she had to say after the jump:

Le Batard went on to question Rousey about how well she realistically thinks she'd do in a fight with a man. According to her, it wouldn't be the first time she'd found herself in such an encounter:

"It's happened to me a couple times. Not in, like, a sanctioned, legal way. But, it was entertaining to everybody that saw it. I got applause afterwards. I got jumped by a bunch of guys in a movie theatre and I beat 'em up and then everyone clapped. and then I was like, 'Maybe I should fight in front of people, 'cuz people tend to like it.' That was one of my first MMA experiences. It was like four couples, four guys and four girls. A couple of them headed me off in the aisle. It was like a thing. Their girlfriend was rude and I told her that she was rude and they tried to act tough in front of their girlfriend. She was like knocking me in the head with her boot and was being -- they were that group of people who were just rude and loud throughout the whole movie. And so, I took her boot off and threw it and told her to go get some manners. and then, her boyfriend didn't like that. And her boyfriend's friends didn't like that. So, they headed me off in the aisle and told me to go get the boot. They wouldn't let me leave and they pushed me. So, I was technically in the 'kidnap situation,' I learned this from my lawyer, and was fearing for my life, so I had to defend myself. So I did defend myself very well...and so they sued me. Whatever. the good thing was, it was an aisle, so I had them between the seats and the wall, so they couldn't get around me, so I had them one at a time. So, it was actually a good situation for a multi-person fighting situation."

Rousey continued, discussing the specific strategies she employed to take on the group of disorderlys:

"Well, I tried to get through, and I told them that if they didn't let me through, I'd have to do something about it. So, I tried to get through, and the guy pushed me back, and while he was pushing me, I grabbed him by his shirt and I started punching him with one hand. And, his other friend came behind me and got me by the neck and was pulling me backwards. But, I had his friend by the shirt, so I was still punching him. Then, I dropped the one guy, and the other guy had me by the neck, so I threw him over my shoulder. And my cousin and my friend Marina, they went and grabbed the other guys to keep them out of it, and the one girl was trying to get in and rash me in the face. My friend Marina pushed her out of the way. She went face first into the seats. and then they went and told the police that I punched the girl, which I never did. i just beat up the two guys. and then, um, yeah, it just turned into this big thing. And, uh, the funny thing is, my shoe came off, 'cuz I was fighting in flip flops, like ya do, so everyone was just losing shoes. I threw her shoe, I lost my shoe, everyone's looking for shoes. But, um, it was one of those things that most girls go through."

Talk about one tough chick. Check out the rest of Rousey's interview with ESPN's Dan Le Batard below: