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2012 NCAA Wrestling Championships Results for Day 2, Session 1

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The first session of day two at the 2012 NCAA Wrestling Championships is in the books and, as expected, there were some incredible matches. continues to bring you coverage of the tournament -- see Session 1, Day 1 results here and Session 2, Day 1 results here -- and we'll start by recapping the team standings, move into some of the key individual results and then of course give you a complete bracket update.

Remember that you can catch all the action live on ESPN 3 and you can follow along with the live results here.

Team Outlook

Penn State continues to lead the way with 78.5 points, going 5-2 in the quarters. Cornell made the big move of the day, jumping into second spot on the strength of going 4-0 in the quarters. Minnesota had eight wrestlers through to the quarters but they only managed to go 3-5, all but ending their chances of winning the team title.

1st. Penn State - 78.5 points, 5 semifinal qualifiers.
. Cornell - 60 points, 4 semifinal qualifiers.
3rd. Iowa - 58.5 points, 4 semifinal qualifiers.
Minnesota - 56 points, 3 semifinals qualifiers.
Oklahoma State - 50 points, 3 semifinal qualifiers.

The match with perhaps the biggest team implications in the semi-finals will be wrestled in the 125 pound divison, as PSU's Nicholas Megaludis will go up against Frank Perrelli of Cornell. Megaludis got a huge upset victory over Minnesota's Zachary Saunders in the quarters, so he has a chance to really cement things for Penn State if he can beat another wrestler from the school directly chasing his Nittany Lions.

Guys to Google:

In this morning's preview, I gave you the names of 15 guys to watch for as the tournament progresses. How did they do in the quarter finals? Let's take a look:

125, Matt McDonough (Iowa) -- Advanced to Semis, Major Decision.
133, Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State) - Advanced to Semis, Pin
133, Bernard Futrell (Illinois) - Advanced to Semis, Pin
133, Logan Stieber (Ohio State) - Advanced to Semis, Decision
149, Frank Molinaro (Penn State) -- Advanced to Semis, Major Decision.
149, Jamal Parks (Oklahoma State) - LOST BY DECISION
157, Kyle Dake (Cornell) -- Advanced to Semis, Pin
165, David Taylor (Penn State) -- Advanced to Semis, Pin (Just 30 seconds for Taylor to get the pin. Wow!)
174, Chris Perry (Oklahoma State) - Advanced to Semis, Overtime
174, Edward Ruth (Penn State) -- Advanced to Semis, Decision
174, Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford) - Advanced to Semis, Decision
Heavyweight, Ryan Flores (American) - Advanced to Semis, Pin
Heavyweight, Anthony Nelson (Minnesota) - Advanced to Semis, Pin

As you can see, the 133 pound and 174 divisions look to have the best match-ups in the semi finals. The match to watch this afternoon is undoubtedly going to be Bernard Futrell vs Jordan Oliver. Both men have beaten all their opponents thus far by pin, making them the only semi final pitting two men with 100% pin ratios in the tournament together. Meanwhile, All three of the 174 pounders on this list are working on undefeated seasons. Amuchastegui meets up with Chris Perry, while Edward Ruth faces off against Minnesota's Logan Storley. Also to the semi finals are heavyweight standouts Ryan Flores and Anthony Nelson.

Here are the full quarter final results.

125 lbs

Matt McDonough (Iowa) won by major decision (13-3) over Ryan Mango (Stanford)
Nicholas Bedelyon (Kent State) won in overtime (8-5) over Jesse Delgado (Illinois)
Frank Perrelli (Cornell) won by decision (6-3) over Anthony Zanetta (Pittsburgh)
Nicholas Megaludis (Penn State) won by decision (7-4) over Zachary Sanders (Minnesota)

133 lbs

Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State) won by pin (2:35) over Zachery Stevens (Michigan)
Bernard Futrell (Illinois) won by pin (0:44) over Joe Colon (Northern Iowa)
Tony Ramos (Iowa) won by pin (1:57) over Steven Keith (Harvard)
Logan Stieber (Ohio State)
won by decision (7-4) over Chris Dardanes (Minnesota)

141 lbs

Kellen Russell (Michigan) won by decision (7-3) over Nick Dardanes (Minnesota)
Hunter Stieber (Ohio State)won by decision (6-5) over Michael Mangrum (Oregon State)
Montell Marion (Iowa) won by decision (7-6) over Borislav Novachkov (Cal Poly)
Kendric Maple (Oklahoma) won by major decision (15-3) over Zach Neibert (Virginia Tech)

149 lbs

Frank Molinaro (Penn State) won by major decision (10-2) over Eric Grajales (Michigan)
Justin Accordino (Hofstra)
won by major decision (11-3) over Nick Lester (Oklahoma)
Tyler Nauman (Pittsburgh) won by decision (9-5) over Cole VonOhlen (Air Force)
Dylan Ness (Minnesota) won by decision (3-2) over Jamal Parks (Oklahoma State)

157 lbs

Kyle Dake (Cornell) won by pin (4:10) over Frank Hickman (Bloomsburg)
Ganbayar Sanjaa (American) won by decision (7-3) over Daniel Kolodzik (Princeton)
Jason Welch (Northwestern) won by decision (2-1) over James Green (Nebraska)
Derek St. John (Iowa) won in overtime (3-1) over Dylan Alton (Penn State)

165 lbs

David Taylor (Penn State) won by pin (0:30) over Robert Kokesh (Nebraska)
Bekzod Abdurakhmonov (Clarion) won by decision (6-1) over Paul Gillespie (Hofstra)
Brandon Hatchett (Lehigh)
won by decision (7-3) over Andrew Sorenson (Iowa State)
Josh Asper (Maryland) won by decision (5-3) over Shane Onufer (Wyoming)

174 lbs

Edward Ruth (Penn State) won by decision (11-4) over Nick Heflin (Ohio State)
Logan Storley (Minnesota) won by decision (3-1) over Ethen Lofthouse (Iowa)
Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford) won by decision (6-1) over Ryan DesRoches (Cal Poly)
Chris Perry (Oklahoma State) won in overtime (3-2) over Jordan Blanton (Illinois)

184 lbs

Austin Trotman (Appalachian State) won by decision (12-9) over Joe LeBlanc (Wyoming)
Steve Bosak (Cornell) won by decision (1-0) over Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota)
Quentin Wright (Penn State) won by pin (2:35) over Ben Bennett (Central Michigan)
Robert Hamlin (Lehigh) won by decision (7-4) over Josh Ihnen (Nebraska)

197 lbs

Cam Simaz (Cornell) won by decision (8-2) over Alfonso Hernandez (Wyoming)
Cayle Byers (Oklahoma State) 26-3 won by decision (5-4) over James Nakashima (Nebraska)
Matthew Wilps (Pittsburgh) won by pin (7:13) over Brent Haynes (Missouri)
Christopher Honeycutt (Edinboro) won by decision (9-4) over Sonny Yohn (Minnesota)


Ryan Flores (American) won by pin (2:27) over Andrew Delaney (Citadel)
Zachery Rey (Lehigh) won by decision (2-0) over Bobby Telford (Iowa)
Clayton Jack (Oregon State) won by decision (7-0) over Cameron Wade (Penn State)
Anthony Nelson (Minnesota) won by pin (4:50) over Michael McMullan (Northwestern)

With the semi-finals set, how do you think things are going to play out?

Is Penn State all but assured of a victory? It would seem that way, but Cornell still has an outside chance at catching them, especially considering they built some impressive momentum by going 4 for 4 in the quarterfinal round.

Join me back here for a results recap after the afternoon session, which gets underway at 7:00 pm ET.

For those who missed yesterday's results here is Day 1, Session 1 and Day 1, Session 2.