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Frosted Fu: Shaquille O'Neal fires back at Jose Canseco MMA challenge

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Former National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar Shaquille O'Neal knows a thing or two about mixed martial arts (MMA), rubbing elbows with Tito Ortiz, hamming it up with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White and even calling out Korean beanstalk Hong Man Choi.

So what's ex-Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Jose Canseco got to do, got to do with it?

Apparently the steroid stool-pigeon is trying to pick a fight with "The Cactus," calling him out on Twitter and promising to "complete him."

Thank you to all my bashers who helped me find @shaq u are the best .he told rueters today that he is ready to fight me .i will complete him

O'Neal recently responded (via Chicago Tribune) and promised that his Shaq Fu, powered by the sugar high from a bowl of Frosted Flakes, would be enough to bash the former Oakland brother.

Check it out.

"I challenged him a long time ago. If he wants it done, he knows where to find me. He can be high off whatever, and I'll be high off Frosted Flakes."

Canseco failed to make the Mexican Baseball League when he refused a doping test, but claims he was being singled out after alleging that several stars on the current roster are allowed to play despite "having the same prescription and medical condition."

His lone MMA appearance took place back in 2009, when he was crushed by Hong Man Choi as part of DREAM's Super Hulk Tournament.

Anyone think he has a shot against Shaq?