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UFC 145 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Jones vs Evans' on April 21 in Atlanta

UFC 145 Results

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is set to pull the trigger on its upcoming pay-per-view fight card, which emanates LIVE from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, TONIGHT (Sat., April 21, 2012).

UFC 145: "Jones vs. Evans" will be headlined by a light heavyweight championship showdown that's been a long time coming, as Jon Jones will defend his 205-pound strap against freshly crowned number one contender Rashad Evans.

Also set for the card is a welterweight match-up pitting rising star Rory MacDonald against British banger Che Mills. Heavyweights Brendan Schaub and Ben Rothwell are also scheduled to collide. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the main card action on fight night (Sat., April 21), which is slated to air at 10 p.m. ET on pay-per-view. The latest quick updates of the live action will begin to flow earlier than that around 6:30 p.m. ET with the preliminary bouts.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised action to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 145) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Jones vs. Evans."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC 145 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Main event:

205 lbs.: Jon Jones defeats Rashad Evans via Unanimous Decision

Main card (Pay-per-view):

170 lbs.: Rory MacDonald defeats Che Mills via TKO (Strikes) Round 2
265 lbs.: Ben Rothwell defeats Brendan Schaub via TKO (Strikes) Round 1
155 lbs.: Mark Bocek defeats John Alessio via Unanimous Decision
145 lbs.: Eddie Yagin defeats Mark Hominick via Split Decision

Preliminary card (FX):

135 lbs.: Michael McDonald defeats Miguel Torres via TKO (Strikes) Round 1
265 lbs.: Travis Browne def. Chad Griggs via submission (arm triangle choke) at 2:29 of round one
170 lbs.: Matt Brown def. Stephen Thompson via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Anthony Njokuani def. John Makdessi via unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Mac Danzig def. Efrain Escudero via unanimous decision

Preliminary card (Facebook):

170 lbs.: Chris Clements def. Keith Wisniewski via split decision
145 lbs.: Marcus Brimage def. Maximo Blanco via split decision

Andrew here!

(Light Heavyweight Championship Bout) Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans (205-pound limit)

Round one: Jones stalking. Big body shot from Jones. Head kick from Jones. Front kick from Jones. Jones with a big knee after Evans charges in. Evans now lands a good hard combination. Front kick from Jones ot the body. High kick from Jones and then a right hand. Leg kick from Jones. Side kick to the body from Jones. Short punch from Evans. Short elbow from Jones on the inside. Evans cannot get inside to throw anything. Big left hook from Jones and then a push kick to the thigh. Leg kick from Evans. Side kick to the thigh from Jones. Body kick from Jones. Jab from Jones and then a double front kick to the body from the champ. Jab from Jones and then a left hook. Good body shot from Jones and Evans lands a BIG head kick then a right and Jones looks stunned!! Knee from Jones now and then a big left at the bell, Jones won that round but Rashad might have sent a message with the head kick. 10-9 Jones.

Round two: Both men tie up and Evans with knees to the stomach. Left hook on the break from Jones. Nice jab from Evans. Leg kick from Jones. Jab from Evans. Leg kick from Jones. Inside leg kick from Evans. Big right from Evans and left from Jones. High front kick to the face from Jones. Right from Jones. Nice double left from Jones and Evans shakes it off and taunts him. Jones misses a spinning back kick. Jab from Jones. Good body shot from Evans. Nice hard elbow from Jones. Leg kick from Evans and body shot from Jones. Head kick blocked by Jones. Beautiful elbow from Jones lands hard and now another left elbow sends Evans wobbling backward!! Jones lands another and then a left and Evans ties things up and he is hurt!!! Now their tied up against the cage and Evans is gaining back his wits. Another short elbow and then front kick from Jones and now he lands ANOTHER elbow with ease!! It looks like a short elbow jab and now a right from Jones and a counter left from Evans and then another elbow from Jones and he lands a HUGE flying knee then a right and the a HUGE left hook at the bell!!! Evans was hurt BAD by that left hook at the bell!!! 10-9 Jones.

Round three: Evans still glassy eyed coming out. Evans lands a big right hand!! Left from Jones. Good right from Jones. Inside leg kick from Evans. Right from Jones. Inside leg kick from Jones. BIG head kick from Jones. Jab from Jones. Jab from Jones. Jab from Evans. Jab from Jones and then another jab. Flying knee and then a follow up elbow from Jones wobbles Evans!!! Front kick to the body and then another flying knee from Jones. Counter left from Evans. Left hook from Jones. HARD body kick from Jones and then a stiff jab. Jab from Jones and then leg kick from Evans. Evans shoots but nothing their and they are tied up in the middle of the cage. They break. Front kick from Jones. Good body shot from Evans. That is the bell and another round for the champ but Evans is occasionally finding a home for some power shot when he does get inside on the champ. 10-9 Jones.

Round four: Jab from Jones and then a left hook. Right from Evans. Jab from Jones. Jones misses a spinning elbow. Jab from Jones. Now their tied up in the middle and they break. Leg kick from Evans and counter right from Jones. Evans with a sloppy take down attempt, left from Jones. Switch kick to the body for Jones. Good body shot from Evans. Jab from Evans. Left hook from Jones. Leg kick from Jones. Jab from Jones. Jab from Jones. Evans comes inside and Jones uses a choke to lands a knee then a left hook. Nice short elbow again from Jones. Thai clinch from Jones and he lets it go. Knee to the body from Jones. Their tied up in the center of the cage as Jones is shoulder striking Evans to the head. High kick from Jones. Jones shoots at the bell but cannot finish it. Another round for the champ and Evans needs a stoppage, 10-9 Jones.

Round five: Jab from Jones and another. Evans comes out ready to bang, Jones with a bdoy kick. Jab from Jones. Jab from Jones and leg kick from Evans. Good right from Jones. Leg kcik from Jones. Good right from Jones. Big right from Jones snaps back the head of Evans. Good elbow and knee to the body from Jones. Big head kick and then a flying knee from Jones! Now their tied up against the cage and more shoulder jabs from Jones. Good left on the break from Jones and then a leg kick. Left from Jones. Side kick to the thigh from Jones. Jones ties things up again and now throws Evans to the mat and lands a good left. Now Jones has the back of Evans on the feet and lands a good knee to the thigh. Now Evans gets face to face and Jones lands some knees and shoulder jabs. Jab from Jones. Left from Jones. Body kick from Evans. Jones jumps up and pulls guard on Evans seemingly just for fun as the bell rings. This was another dominant performance by Jones. 10-9 Jones.

Final results: Jon Jones defeats Rashad Evans via Unanimous Decision

- end -

Rory MacDonald vs. Che Mills (170-pound limit)

Round one: Inside leg kick from Mills. Another inside leg kick from Mills and then a outside leg kick. Nice left hook from MacDonald. HUGE right hand from Mills lands HARD and now their tied up against the cage. Good right from both men and a BIG uppercut from Mills and MacDonald looks hurt and he takes the fight to the mat. Full guard for Mills. MacDonald postures up and lands some HUGE punches he is landing these big shots non stop!! MASSIVE elbow from MacDonald and Mills is cut now!! MacDonald now into side control and is working the position trying to keep control of Mills now that he is doing serious damage. Mounted crucifix now for MacDonald and he is now landing some punches while trying to keep the position. Mills scrambles out but MacDonald puts him right back into side control as he lands another big elbow. More big elbows from MacDonald and now he gets the full mount with 30 seconds left!! Now Mills gives up the back and MacDonald lands some powerful shots and then Mills rolls over again and MacDonald lands more shots and ends the round with the back and going for a choke. Mills face is a MESS. 10-9 MacDonald.

Round two: Mills's right eye looks gruesome and he has two bad cuts, he needs to avoid more damage in this round. Leg kick from MacDonald. MacDonald grabs a single and gets an easy take down and is on top again raining some more punches. Full mount now for MacDonald, Mills gives the back again. MacDonald looks for the rear naked choke. Big elbow from behind by MacDonald. More huge bombs from MacDonald and Mills just turtles up and MacDonald just pounds away until the ref finally and mercifully puts an end to this slaughter. MacDonald turned Mills face into mince meat and he looks dominant while doing so this kid is a stud.

Round three:

Final results: Rory MacDonald defeats Che Mills via TKO (Strikes) Round 2

- end -

Brendan Schaub vs. Ben Rothwell (265-pound limit)

Round one: Good exchange form both men. Schaub lands a good combo and Rothwell gets a good thai clinch and lands a good knee. Spinning elbow from Schaub lands!!! Now Schaub charges in on the stunned Rothwell!! Both men start exchanging HUGE blows!! Rothwell lands a HUGE left hook that drops Schaub!! Rothwell now rains down some more bombs and Schaub is out!!! WOW!

Round two:

Round three:

Final results: Ben Rothwell defeats Brendan Schaub via TKO (Strikes) Round 1

- end -

Miguel Torres vs. Michael McDonald (135-pound limit)

Round one: Both men slow to action, McDonald finally lets loose with a combo 40 seconds in. Head kick from McDonald. Both men throw good rights and trade jabs. Jab from Torres. Good jab and uppercut from McDonald!! McDonald unloads with a great combination! Good uppercut from McDonald. Good left from Torres. Good left from McDonald. Short uppercut from McDonald and then a right and body kick. Good right from McDonald and now he unloads a good combo that knocks out Torres's mouthpiece. HUGE short uppercut from McDonald stuns Torres and then he lands another that sends Torres crashing to the mat!! McDonald lands a couple more bombs for good measure and Torres is OUT COLD!!

Round two:

Round three:

Final results: Micheal McDonald defeats Miguel Torres via TKO (Strikes) Round 1

- end -

Mark Hominick vs. Eddie Yagin (145-pound limit)

Round one: Yagin looks jumpy Hominick relaxed and controlled after his last fight. Big right from Yagin and then a stiff left!!! Yagin finding a home for his jab now. Jab from Hominick. Good hook from Yagin. Leg kick from Yagin. Good inside leg kick from Yagin and he is landing some serious blows now. Jab from Hominick. BIG leg kick and then left from Yagin. Good body shot from Hominick. BIG right hand from Yagin and now he lands a HUGE uppercut and left hook and Hominick drops to the mat!!! Yagin pounces and he is landing some HUGE bombs now and Hominick is scrambling to survive!!! Hominick ties things up and manage to stop the assault and Yagin chooses wisely to let him up where he can work his power shots. Hominick seems to have rebounded a bit. Good left from Yagin. Leg kick from Yagin. Big body shot from Hominick. Another good wild left from Yagin and another. Jab from Hominick. Good body shot from Hominick. That is the bell and Yagin might have missed his chance to close this fight out he looks gassed now and Hominick has recovered. 10-9 Yagin.

Round two: Wild hook from Yagin throws back Hominick. Jab from Yagin and then a right. Nice one two from Yagin. Jab from Hominick. Nice leg kick and right from Yagin and another hard leg kick. Jab from Hominick. Nice double jab from Hominick. Jab from Yagin. Jab from Hominick. HARD leg kick from Yagin. Big right from Yagin and Hominick falls to the mat again!!! Yagin again pounces on Hominick and is trying to finish! Hominick holding out now but his face is swelling quickly. Full guard for Hominick and Yagin lets him up. Spinning heel kick just misses from Yagin. Good right from Hominick. Jab from Hominick. Jab from Hominick and leg kick from Yagin. Good right from Hominick. Jab from Hominick. Right from Hominick. Body shot from Hominick. Big right from Yagin now. Left from Hominick. Jab from Hominick. Good left body shot form Hominick. Jab from Hominick and another body shot. Good jab from Hominick now he is turning it on. Jab from Hominick. That is the bell and tough round to score, Hominick was more busy and Yagin did much more damage. 10-9 Yagin.

Round three: Hominick face is messed up and Yagin's nose looks broken these guys are animals. Yagin comes out with a big wild right and jab from Hominick. Body shot from Yagin and then a wild combo from Yagin lands. Good body shot from Hominick and then a great combo to follow. Jab from Hominick. Another jab from Hominick and a right from Yagin. Jab from Hominick. Good right from Hominick and now he is landing a flurry. Yagin with a counter right and a big leg kick. Good counter right from Hominick. Jab from Yagin now. Body shot form Hominick. Double jab from Hominick. Leg kick from Yagin and body shot from Hominick. Jab from Hominick. Another jab from Hominick. Both men land jabs. Good right from Yagin. Jab from Yagin. Jab from Hominick. Body shot from Hominick. Good right from Yagin. Leg kick from Yagin. Good right from Hominick and then a double jab. Jab from Hominick. Jab from Yagin. Both men trade jabs. Good right from Hominick and now he lands a big combo and wobbles Yagin!!! Hominick with a HUGE right and another huge follow up right and Yagin is hurt!!! Jab from both men. Good right from Hominick and wild right form Yagin! Body shot then jab from Hominick. Jab from Yagin. Jab and right from Hominick. That is the bell and Hominick finishes out the fight strong and takes the final round this will be a close decision. 10-9 Hominick.

Final results: Eddie Yagin defeats Mark Hominick via Split Decision

- end -

Mark Bocek vs. John Alessio (155-pound limit)

Round one: Good right from Bocek and then a leg kick. Another right from Bocek. Jab from Bocek and then he goes right for a single leg. Bocek now against the cage working Alessio's legs for the take down. Now Bocek takes the back and is working knees to the thighs. Bocek with a trip take down now and gets right into side control, Bocek allows Alessio to get half guard as he drops big elbows. HARD elbow from Bocek now. Alessio to full guard and Bocek lands a HUGE elbow and then a big right. More big punches from Bocek he looks great right now doing damage from the top position. Short elbows from Bocek, Alessio with butterfly guard. Bocek steps over and now their is a scramble and Bocek has one hook in on the back now! Now Bocek with both hooks in and he uses the body triangle now as ten seconds are left!! That is the bell and Bocek is dominant right now. 10-9 Bocek.

Round two: Alessio comes out fast but nothing thrown. Leg kick from Bocek. Good hard right from Alessio and then a jab. Great one two combo from Alessio. Counter left from Alessio. Right from Alessio and inside leg kick from Bocek. Left uppercut from Alessio. Bocek with a bum rush and a take down. Bocek working for position against the cage now. Butterfly guard for Alessio and Bocek working elbows and rights. Bocek into half guard now. Bocek now into side control with ease. Alessio squirming and fighting. Alessio manages to get to his feet now. Both men looked a little tired now. Leg kick from Bocek. Great flurry from Alessio but Bocek answers with a take down attempt and now their tied up against the cage. That is the bell as Bocek lands a left at the bell and a much closer round but Bocek is still controlling the action. 10-9 Bocek.

Round three: Alessio comes out throwing and knows he needs a stoppage. Leg kick from Alessio and a right from Bocek. Left then leg kick from Alessio and then a BIG left hook from Alessio that snaps back Bocek's head!! Bocek catches a leg kick and gets an easy take down! Bocek with both hooks in and has a full back mount!! Bocek with a body triangle now as he looks for the rear naked choke finish. Good short punches from behind by Bocek as Alessio is frantically trying to find a route for escape and he does get up now!!!! Alessio hits Bocek with a good right on the way up and Bocek is bleeding now!! Good front kick from Alessio. Bocek grabs the legs and again gets another takedown. They both tangle at the end of the round here against the cage but Bocek knows he has this fight won. Big jab and right from Alessio at the bell but it is too late. 10-9 Bocek

Final results: Mark Bocek defeats John Alessio via Unanimous Decision

- end -

Haggerty here!

Travis Browne vs. Chad Griggs (265-pound limit)

Round one: Big front kick up the middle by Browne. Inside leg kick by Griggs. Big flying knee by Browne, who then clnches up and lands a few more knees. Browne with the takedown and is in half guard now. Griggs was completely bull rushed. Brownetrying to get his left leg free to transition to side control or mount. Browne gets full mount. Three minutes left. Lots of time. Browne is landing short punches from the top. Browne sinks in an arm triangle. Griggs is toughing through it for a while but eventually has to tap. It's all over!

Final results: Travis Browne via submission (arm triangle choke) at 2:29 of round one

- end -

Stephen Thompson vs. Matt Brown (170-pound limit)

Round one: Big sidekick right away by Thompson. Thompson is keeping his hands very low but already has scored several big kicks. Brown shoots for a single leg takedown but gets nothing. Thompson backs away and lands a couple of punches to the head. Brown ties him up against the fence and works for the takedown. He eventually gets it and is inside the guard of Thompson. Brown looking to work some ground and pound. Thompson trying to work his legs around for an armbar or triangle. Thompson gets back to his feet and Brown tangles him up immediately. Two minutes left. Thompson reverses. Good knee by Thompson. Brown sweeps, gets the takedown and gets Thomspon's back. Thomspon is able to get back to his feet but Brown still has a hold of him. Brown gets him back down to the canvas and is draped all over him. Brown working for a submission, he's got a hold of his leg and Thompson lands several big hammerfists to get his leg free. Brown reverses and is back on top. Thompson off his back. 10-9 Brown.

Round two: Spinning back kick by Thompson. Head kick by Brown that is partially blocked. Brown charges in, grabs a leg and is working hard for another takedown. Brown gives up on the takedown and clinches up, scoring a few good strikes inside the clinch. Brown dives in for a shot and gets the takedown. Thompson having serious trouble defending against those shots. Thompson gets back up but is tied up against the fence. Thompson pushes off the head of Brown and is able to get away. Thompson lands a big kick and then a couple of punches. Thompson is connecting now with some big shots. Spinning back kick to the body by Thompson .Brown looks wobbled. Brown shoots for a lazy takedown and gets it but Thompson springs right back up. Brown throws a couple big punches from the hip but is countered with a combo. Thompson looking for the kill with two minutes left. Brown shoots but is nowhere close. Thompson is really starting to land in high volume now with his strikes. Brown lands a big elbow. Brown standing over him landing punches from the top. What a turnaround this would be! Brown on top landing hard elbows and Thompson is cut. Brown, stacking and lands a huge shot from the top. Thompson is bleeding like a siv. Brown has side control and finishes the round with several big elbows. He may very well have stolen that round. 10-9 Brown.

Round three: Brown comes forward very aggressive and lands a couple of big punches. Both men look totally exhausted. Thompson throws a big kick but slips. He gets back to his feet before Brown can pounce. Good combo by Thompson. And another. Thompson caught Brown backpedaling and lands a good right cross to the head. Huge combo by Thompson and now Brown looks hurt. These guys are swinging for the fences! Brown throws a big head kick that barely misses. Good knee by Brown. Two and a half left. Brown clinches up and lands a big knee to the body. Brown trips and Thompson is back on his back. Brown passes instantly and will try and secure the mounted crucifix. Very bad spot for Thompson. Brown landing elbows all over the body. Thompson looks like he just wants this fight to be over. He's cut up badly. Brown has the mounted crucifix and then transitions to the mounted triangle. Thompson is taking a ton of abuse! The round ends with a bloodied Thompson getting pummeled under a barrage of punches. 10-8 Brown.

Final results: Matt Brown via unanimous decision

- end -

Anthony Njokuani vs. John Makdessi (155-pound limit)

Round one: Big body kick by Njokuani. Head kick attempt by Njokuani. Side kick by Makdessi to the body. Big inside leg kick by Njokuani. Makdessi is walking him down but not really doing much. Big outside leg kick by Njokuani. Makedessi finally answers with a leg kick of his own. Njokuani with a good combo, finishing with the body kick. Njokuani pushes forward but eats a left hook. Makdessi with a high side kick. Big head kick attempt by Njokuani that is blocked. Both fighters throwing a ton of kicks so far. Njokuani with a good front kick to the body. Makdessi is still the aggressor, but he's certainly behind in the number of kicks landed. 10-9 Njokuani.

Round two: Makdessi with a side kick attempt again, but it gets nowhere near Njokuani. Makdessi throws another side kick to the head, this time it partially lands. Good front kick by Njokuani who has been essentially using it as a jab all fight to keep Makdessi at bay. Good outside leg kick by Njokuani. Makdessi is developing a sizable welt on his left thigh. Makdessi throws a front kick that is caught by Njokuani, who answers with a front kick of his own. Makdessi lands a decent combo. Makdessi with two good jabs, but countered by a Njokuani with another front kick. Head kick attempt by Njokuani. It was blocked, but even blocking those doesn't feel good. Leg kick by Njokuani and Makdessi is clearly limping now. Good combo by Njokuani, finishing with a left hand to the head. Another head kick by Njokuani. Makdessi continues to come forward, but he just can't time Njokuani and is being countered effortlessly every time he throws anything. The reach advantage is also proving to be big for Njokuani. Decent left hook by Makdessi. Makdessi throws a head kick attempt that is caught. 10-9 Njokuani.

Round three: Njokuani picks up where he left off with a big leg kick in the same spot he's been nailing all fight. Njokuani with another leg kick in the same spot. Makdessi tries to catch it but unsuccessfully. Side kick by Makdessi is shrugged off by Njokuani. Great combo by Njokuani. Good jab by Njokuani, getting Makdessi's head to pop back demonstratively. Makdessi landsa leg kick but he's answered right away, right on the same exact place he keeps getting hit. Good spinning backfist by Makdessi. Body kick by Njokuani, followed by a left hook to the head. Two minutes left. Njokuani is just putting on a clinic on kicking. Makdessi will have trouble walking tomorrow. Amazing combo by Njokuani, going kick-punch-kick to the head. Spinning back kick by Makdessi, blocked and then answered with a kick to the body by Njokuani. Good side kick landed by Makdessi. 10-9 Njokuani.

Final results: Anthony Njokuani via unanimous decision

- end -

Mac Danzig vs. Efrain Escudero (155-pound limit)

Round one: Escudero starts off with a leg kick. Danzig comes forward with punches and Escudero ties him up. Danzig reverses and is landing an onslaught of knees in the clinch. Now Escudero reverses and looks to drop down for a takedown. Danzig reverses again and gets the takedown. Escudero has his leg. He's going for a heel hook. Danzig spins out and takes his back. Escudero scrambling but Danzig stays on him. Danzig tries to get an arm under for a choke and Escudero slips out. Frantic pace this far. three minutes left. Danzig coming forward and lands a good jab. Danzig walking him down. Danzig doing a good job picking his shots and outboxing him badly. Danzig continues to land two or three punches for every one that Escudero throws. Danzig ties him up and his back in the standing position. He;s working hard for a takedown but Escudero defends. Escudero is able to get turned around. Danzig working inside the clinch looking to score some damaging blows. Big jab by Danzig that pops his head back. Escudero shoots for an unsuccesful takedown and now has Danzig tied up against the fence. Escudero drops down to try and get a leg for a takedown and the round ends. 10-9 Danzig.

Round two: Escudero with the outside leg kick. Danzig walking him down again looking to engage in the stand up. Good right hand by Escudero. Danzig lands a decent left hook then ties up in the clinch. Good knees by Danzig. Escudero starting to land a bit more with his combos but he still seems a step behind Danzig. Danzig continues to walk through strikes, score with slapping leg kick and finish combos with big punches. Danzig ties up and looks for a knee but can't land and backs out. Good leg kick by Danzig. Danzig ties him up again and continues to be successful with dirty boxing and knees. Just over a minute to go. Danzig with a good stuff jab. Danzig looks great in his stand up and Escudero is eating a lot of strikes in the exchanges. Danzig ties him up and lands a good knee to the body. Danzig with more dirty boxing. Escudero works hard for the takedown at the end of the round but can't get it. 10-9 Danzig.

Round three: Danzig delivers a flurry of punches, as it appears now that he has a severely swollen right ankle. It looks super bad but Danzig is gutting through it. Escudero throws a leg kick and leaves his hands down just long enough to get hit in the face with a right hand. Danzig ties him up with underhooks and continues with the knees and dirty boxing. Escudero trying to take his back but gives up on it. Back to center. Escudero throws a big left hook, Danzig ducks under and ties up yet again. Danzig using a leg lock against the fence to try and get his back and pull him down. Escudero defends well and reverses. Referee breaks them up and back to the middle of the cage. Good jab by Danzig. Good right hook to the body by Danzig. Another good body shot by Danzig, who then initiates the clinch. Right cross to the head by Danzig. The round winds down as Danzig scores a few more strikes inside the clinch. 10-9 Danzig.

Final results: Mac Danzig via unanimous decision

- end -

aggerty here!

Keith Wisniewski vs. Chris Clements (170-pound limit)

Round one: Clements starts off with a thudding outside leg kick. Clements comes forward with some very unorthodox overhand punches. Wisniewski ties him up against cage and gets the takedown right away. Wisniewski working for side control, he gets it and then gets full mount. Clement rolls and is in danger of giving up his back. Clement rolls again and Wisniewski in side control. Referee threatens to stand them up as they scramble for position, and quite frankly, he should be suspended for not knowing what he's watching. Wisniewski doing a good job of keeping him down and landing elbows. Referee threatens again and then stands them. Terrible terrible stand up. Wisniewski is bleeding pretty good from an elbow he took on the ground. Clement comes forward and eats a big right hand by Wisniewski. Just over a minute left. Clement with an outside leg kick. Good right hand by Wisniewski. Clement with a very nice one two combo that lands solidly. Clement with a spinning back kick to the midsection that hurts him. Clement drops down to look to end the fight by looks uncomfortable when Wisniewski throws up a triangle attempt. Clement backs out. Back up to standing position. Round over. 10-9 Clement.

Round two: Inside leg kick by Clement. Wisniewski rushes in and eats a few punches as he tangles him up and then sweeps for the takedown. Wisniewski on top, trying to get his leg out to move to side control or the full mount. Clement finds a hole and is able to sneak out and back up. Clement throws a big spinning backfist against the fence but misses. Big exchanges from both fighters. Side kick to the body by Clement. Big overhand right by Clement. Very nice superman punch by Clement who is starting to pick him apart. Another spinning back kick to the body by Clement. Clement ties him up against the cage and looks for underhooks. Just under two minutes to go. Wisniewski reverses and scores a big throw to the mat. Wisniewski gets the hooks in. He's going for the choke. It looks deep. One minute left. Clement is able to work the hands away from each other and looks to be in significantly less trouble. Clement is in the bodylock but is landing some nasty reverse elbows. Wisniewski gets the full mount but is unable to do anything with it. Crazy round to score. I'm barely giving it to Wisniewski, 10-9.

Round three: Fighters come out to center and embrace and then get back to the action. Great fight so far. Wisniewski ducks down to get a takedown and gets kneed in the face. He stays with it though and is still working for the takedown. Knee to the body by Clement. Clement reverses and tries to take Wisniewski down but eventually gives up and they're back to the middle. Inside leg kick by Clement. Clement is starting to unload and really pick his shots. Big spinning backfist by Clement that lands. Wisniewski is a tough guy and is walking through some big shots, but surely he's behind on the scorecards. Two minutes to go. Clement continues to stalk and score at will as Wisniewski doesn't seem to really have any answer for his stand up, other than to absorb punishment. Wisniewski tangles him up to go for the takedown but eats a hard elbow. Good leg kick by Clement. Clement is teeing off with strikes as the round gets close to being over. Wisniewski is hurt and on his back. Clement hovers over him raining down strikes from a standing position. 10-9 Clement.

Final results: Chris Clement via split decision

- end -

Maximo Blanco vs. Marcus Brimage (145-pound limit)

Round one: Blanco with an inside leg kick, Brimage throws a soft jab. Brimage feitning a decent amount, still finding the distance. Blanco is staying busy with good movement. One minute gone and not a lot of action thus far. Brimage comes forward aggressively with a combo that doesn't land. Blanco throws a high kick that is caught by Brimage. Good left hand by Brimage. Brimage comes forward again, but Blanco is able to back away and avoid damage. Brimage pushes forward again, but this time, he lands, ending a combo with a good knee. Brimage rushes in and misses, but is taken down by Blanco in the scrum. Brimage is able to get right back up. Just under two minutes to go. Brimage throws a two punch combo and eats a right hand from Blanco on the way out. Blanco with the leg kick. One minute to go. Brimage lands a couple punches in the exchange. Blanco looking a little hesitant in this first round. The round ends in somewhat of a staring contest. 10-9 Brimage.

Round two: Brimage fakes a low kick but backs away. Brimage back in and scores an outside leg kick. Good high kick by Blanco. Blanco is starting to get loose and land some strikes. Jump front kick by Blanco that lands on the chin. Huge kick, but Brimage comes back and scores a big combo of punches. Brimage with a big leg kick attempt that misses. Three to go. Blanco throws a kick from the open stance and eats a right hand. Leg kick by Blanco, Brimage rushes in but misses with several punches. Blanco tries for another big front kick that doesn't connect this time. Brimage throws a big overhand left that partially connects. Brimage gets clipped with a couple of pucnhes from Blanco as he tries to get inside. Just over a minute left. Brimage definitely looks cognizant of Blanco's kicks and is playing much more safely. Fans begin to boo as this round looks like it will end the same way the first did with some inactivity. 10-9 Blanco.

Round three: Blanco charges in and lands a right hook. Blanco tries again for the jump front kick. It doesn't land but does have Brimage backing up. Inside leg kick by Brimage but he eats a left hand in the process. Good right uppercut by Blanco. Brimage uses a cut kick to knock Blanco on his butt, but he's back up quickly. Three minutes left. Blanco shoots for the takedown but is stuffed. Jab by Blanco. Brimage comes forward throwing punches. Blanco throws a big spinning back kick but misses. This round has been very even so far, almost seeming as though both fighters are trying not to lose, more than they're trying to win. The fans continue to express their displeasure. One minute left. Blanco dips down for another lead hand right uppercut, but he's answered with a several punch combo from Brimage. Blanco shoots, is met by a sprawl and eats several punches after failing to get his opponent down. Big inside leg kick by Brimage. 10-9 Brimage.

Final results: Marcus Brimage via split decision

- end -

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