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Video: Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace Ryan Hall subdues disorderly man at restaurant

When keeping it real goes wrong? More like "when picking a fight with a Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) badass who will choke you the hell out if you keep bugging him and his friends at dinner."

Such was the case in the above video, which showcases Ryan Hall, an instructor at 50/50 BJJ in Arlington, Virginia. His credentials, according to the 50/50 website:

Black Belt under 2-time world champion, Felipe Costa and representative of the Marcelo Garcia Team, Ryan Hall is one of the most competitively successful American-born Jiu-Jitsu players to date and is widely regarded as one of the best lightweight submission grapplers in the world.

Ryan is an IBJJF Mundial (world), No-Gi Mundial, and European champion and medalist at the CBJJ Brazilian National (Brasiliero) championship, but is best known for his accomplishments on the world level of no-gi submission wrestling competition where he has faced and defeated some of the sport's greatest champions.

The disorderly man had no way of knowing he was playing with fire when he started bothering Mr. Hall at a restaurant one cold December evening. The description for the video explains the situation:

On December 11th, 2011, Ryan Hall was enjoying dinner in the company of friends, when a man approached the table, requesting a lighter. After informing him the table was comprised of non-smokers, the man became enraged, demonstrating violent behavior and directly threatening Ryan Hall. This video displays the occurrence in its entirety, to show exactly how Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be used in self-defense as a means to control and subdue an opponent. Without a single punch thrown, the opponent is first controlled, and in a second encounter choked unconscious as a means to end the confrontation.

For those who can't watch the video, here's the sequence of events: Ask for lighter, get denied, get pissed and belligerent, start fight, end up choked out sleeping on concrete, wake up with cops in your face, make sure to apologize to badass who choked you out, pay for the dinner you tried to screw up.


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