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MMA Talking Heads: A last look back at Ultimate Fighter 15 debut and Bellator 60

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MMA Mania presents "MMA Talking Heads," a video discussion series featuring mixed martial arts (MMA) journalists Loretta Hunt and Jason Probst.

The show touches on all aspects of the sport, with an insider's perspective.

With the debut of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15: "Live," Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) takes a bold step to reinvent its reality show franchise. On this episode of MMA Talking Heads, Jason and Loretta analyze and opine on the debut episode from last Friday. Touching on what works and what didn't, we'll also break down how future episodes might work given the "live" format which is expected to jump-start the show's sagging ratings in recent seasons.

The pari also weigh in on last weekend's Bellator 60, where Pat Curran scored a brutal, title-winning stoppage of former featherweight belt holder Joe Warren. With a belated referee intervention, the bout was a memorable upset somewhat overshadowed by inept officiating.

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