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Rampage Jackson Twitter meltdown calls for UFC release ... again

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I'd tell you to stop me if you've heard this before but let's be real, we all know you've heard this before and I'm not stopping.

That's because this is most definitely not the first time Quinton Jackson has taken to his personal Twitter account to have a meltdown regarding his employers, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

This time, the former light heavyweight champion is claiming the powers that be have told him he's "lost his appeal." That, combined with what he considers low pay, has led "Rampage" to once again call for his release.

I'm sure somewhere UFC President Dana White is shaking his head.

Here are a series of tweets from Jackson detailing his various issues:

@kingjamesmma dude I don't care about this loss! I'm upset with the lack of respect ... @OldNickSuperchi the ufc makes billions off us all over the world,n pay us chump change! Boxers r boring but making buckets of money,THINK! ... "@OUnab: @Rampage4real Go Rampage! You're one of the best personality/fighter in mma history, the sport needs u!" @ufc said I lost my appeal ... Well I'm hoping the @ufc just let me go so I can do my thang,they took my love of fighting after the Forest fight! #bloodtypeBpositive ... @CincyWG89 n this is y I don't wanna fight 4 them anymore,Pride did the same 2 me! ... @skanksideup y u care that its the ufc? I can fight better fights n a diff show! ... Goodnight 2 my real fans,I got mad love 4 ya,the rest of yall r sheep!! n u don't matter 2 me anyhow,cause u gonna buy my fights anyway Fact."

That's a lot of Twitter talk and lack of coherent writing so here's the short summary:

"Rampage" was apparently told by UFC that he's "lost his appeal" and because of this they want to pay him less money. That, of course, caused him to fly off the handle because, as we all know, Jackson is about nothing if not his bank account.

Hence the constant flirtation with boxing and a film career in Hollywood.

Jackson also feels as though his star power is still high enough that he could make a great deal of cash flow outside the Octagon and if the UFC just released him, he would move on to do just as well for himself.

Fat chance.

This all comes just a matter of days after his last Twitter meltdown, which Dana White responded to by simply shaking his head and giving his stock "we'll see what happens" answer.

His response to this latest incident would likely be the same. But the longer they do this little dance, the uglier the public battles will get. And now that "Rampage" has lost multiple fights in a row and hasn't looked anything like the killer former champion he once was, it looks like we're inching closer and closer to a UFC sans howling.

Stay tuned, Maniacs.

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