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Strikeforce lightweight Caros Fodor discusses his 'superhero' brother, would love to fight him

Caros Fodor Phoenix Jones
Caros Fodor Phoenix Jones

If something seemed "super" about Strikeforce lightweight contender Caros Fodor, there might be a surprising reason.

It turns out that he's related to crime fighting royalty.

Fodor's brother, Ben Fodor (AKA Phoenix Jones) has been making headlines in the Seattle area for dressing up like a superhero and, along with a group of friends, performing vigilante justice against would be thieves.

An accomplished mixed martial artist himself, Ben Fodor had an 11-0 record as an amateur and a 4-0 record in professional competition, but his older brother is unimpressed.

While Caros Fodor is fighting this Saturday night (March 3, 2012) against Pat Healy in an important lightweight showdown at Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey, he took the time to speak out about his brother on The Verbal Submission this past weekend and their strained relationship.

Check it out:

Gerry Rodriguez: I know that you have a brother and he's a superhero in Seattle. I went through a period where I didn't talk to my brother for years but if I knew my brother was a superhero, I would so create a villain character, a villain superhero and I would just shadow him just to mess with him. Does that ever cross your mind?

Caros Fodor: (laughs) Oh man. Mine, personally no, but I've had like seven or eight friends who have mentioned the exact same thing. A super villain crew that they wanted to form against him. It's also funny, me and him haven't spoke. It's been a couple months now and I don't see us talking any time in the future so I see some similarities there.

Gerry Rodriguez: Me and my brother got into the UFC when it started as fans and we used to fight, like actual MMA fights in our living room and as I got older, I got stronger and was able to match him, he's like four years older than me. The fights got out of hand and we just stopped talking. You said you haven't talked to him for a few months and you don't see yourself talking to him, but what came between you guys that caused the rift?

Caros Fodor: Well me and him have never really liked each other. We've been fighting our entire lives and there's five years that separate us. I'm the oldest and he's just a total opposite person. He's got a loud mouth. I can't trust a word that ever comes out of him whether it's truthful or not and finally once the publicity with the Phoenix Jones thing started, his mouth, the lies were coming out in the newspapers that he was telling these reporters, it hit home hard with myself and the family and I couldn't take it anymore. We got into it and we haven't spoke and let me tell ya, I've never felt better, man. I'm looking forward to a couple years of silence.

Gerry Rodriguez: He's an MMA guy too. Do you think we would ever see you guys in the ring fighting each other if you got paid enough or hell, just for the sake of it?

Caros Fodor: Oh yeah, both of us would love to have that put together. Me moreso because I have that older brother complex and I've been beating on him since he was a kid so mentally, I don't think he would be able to overcome the years of abuse that I've laid on him. He's a tough guy. He's way bigger than me and has way more knockouts than me. It would be tough but I would love for Strikeforce to put that together if they ever wanted to do that. That would be great.

Gerry Rodriguez: What weight class would he be in?

Caros Fodor: He normally fights 170, he's been at 185. He was a 155 pound amateur champion but he only made that weight twice and it's really brutal for him to get down to 155. At 170 he's huge but at 155, he's just a monster if he makes it but he almost died trying to make it once.

Gerry Rodriguez: So what would be the perfect catchweight for you guys to get in there?

Caros Fodor: Ehhh, I'd do 170. I walk around 180 and he walks around 195-200. His skill-level now is way below. He's a wildman. If you watch some of his fights, he's got a ton of heart. His skill isn't there but he's got crazy genetics and he's a big wildman.

Gerry Rodriguez: On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate his costume?

Caros Fodor: His costume? Oh god. In pictures, it probably looks like an eight, but if you see it up close, the little velcro stitching on the back, it's probably about a four. He needs to take the publicity and get a better suit, man. It's pretty rough.

So what do you think, Maniacs?

Do you think a mixed martial artist would make a good superhero? We've heard cases like Jon Jones, Roger Huerta and others standing up for those who couldn't defend themselves. What do you think of this case in particular?

Sound off!

To listen to the complete audio of our interview with Caros Fodor, click here (begins at 32:00 mark).

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