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Dana White releases statement on Nick Diaz drug test failure: 'Beyond disappointed'

Photo of Nick Diaz (left) with UFC President Dana White (right) via
Photo of Nick Diaz (left) with UFC President Dana White (right) via

With a firestorm swirling now that Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) Executive Director Keith Kizer has spilled the beans on Nick Dia testing positive for "marijuana metabolites" for his UFC 143 bout against Carlos Condit, it was only a matter of time before UFC President Dana White made his voice heard.

It's just somewhat surprising the manner in which he's chosen to do so.

A prepared statement was released to the media today and it's short and sweet (via

"I am beyond disappointed that he tested positive for marijuana," White said in the statement that the UFC distributed to the media. "It is now in the hands of the Nevada State Athletic Commission."

Indeed, it is in the hands of the NSAC and they've filed a complaint for disciplinary action. And, seeing as this is the second time Diaz has been popped for Marijuana while fighting in Nevada, it won't be surprising in the least to see him slapped with a one-year suspension.

That would be an awful long time for White to contemplate exactly what he wants to do with his controversial welterweight top contender. It's a shuffling act for the UFC boss, considering the lack of fighters who can move the needle on pay-per-view (especially with Georges St. Pierre hurt and Brock Lesnar retired).

Of course, Diaz has been one big headache since he came over from Strikeforce. Missing press conferences, missing flights, getting ripped from main event title shots, and now failing drug tests after retiring out of anger due to a close decision.

It's a bad look, Maniacs. Anyone think White will cut ties with the controversial slugger and send him back to Stockton? Or will he simply let the commission do its job and deal with Diaz when he returns from whatever punishment is handed down?

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