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UFC Quick Quote: Ed Soares on the 'strange' departure of Jose Aldo

Photo of Jose Aldo by Glenn Dextras via <a href=""></a>
Photo of Jose Aldo by Glenn Dextras via

"It wasn't really much of anything. Other than his coach, who used to be his manager, felt like he didn't need our services. It pretty much was one of those things. It was really strange the way it all went down. His coach sent us an e-mail and that was it."

Ed Soares, manager to some of mixed martial arts' top Brazilian fighters, including Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida and the Nogueira brothers, comments to MMA Fighting on the "strange" nature in which Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo severed their business ties. "Junior" had his coach send him an Email, which is just below a phone call break-up and just above the Post-It note on the refrigerator door. Aldo is the second high-profile combatant to part ways with Soares, as UFC Heavyweight Champion Junior dos Santos abandoned ship in late 2011. Much ado about nothing? Or more than meets the eye?

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