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Referees and judges are hurting the sport of MMA and driving Dana White crazy (Video)

"I've said it many times. In the evolution of this sport right now, one of the big problems we're having right now is judging and reffing. It's one of the things that drives me crazy and attention needs to be paid to scoring and reffing. First of all, it affects guys careers as far as legacies go. Jon Jones? Jon Jones should be undefeated right now but he's not, he's got a loss on his record and there's tons of guys in the UFC that have those. There's guys who've absolutely, clearly won fights and lost on the judges' scorecards. Nobody's perfect. There's always gonna be problems. But the judging and the reffing is so bad in mixed martial arts, it drives me crazy. The fans hate it too and it hurts the sport. These athletic commissions really need to tighten up and start working on educating their refs and judges."

The state of officiating and judging is once again a hot topic in mixed martial arts (MMA) in the wake of UFC 143: "Diaz vs. Condit," the pay-per-view (PPV) event from last Saturday night (Feb. 4, 2012) at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fans and media alike are split on who the real winner was after five rounds of action, despite Carlos Condit getting the unanimous decision nod over Nick Diaz in "Sin City." A complete and utter travesty? Or a close fight that could have gone either way?

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