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Anderson Silva paints his body, wrestles Amazonian tribesmen (Video)

Photo by Luis Maximiano for Revista Trip via <a href="" target="new"></a>.
Photo by Luis Maximiano for Revista Trip via

Bungle in the jungle? Well, that's alright by me.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva must be feeling a lot better after taking some time off to heal nagging injuries to his back and shoulder.

"The Spider" has returned to training for his eventual showdown (and UFC 117 rematch) against division number one contender Chael Sonnen later this year in Brazil.

Part of that training regimen, it appears, is wrestling Amazonian tribesmen.

Silva got down and dirty with an indigenous tribe known as the "Kamayura people," wrestling "huka-huka" on the Upper Xingu River in the state of Mato Grosso, according to Brazil's "Sports Spectacular."

Video of his experience, after the jump.

According to this report, Silva got his ass handed to him on two straight occasions, until the tribesmen allowed the combat sports' star to bust out some fancy jiu-jitsu techniques, prevalent in today's mixed martial arts (MMA) landscape.

So not only does Sonnen have to fear the triangle choke in their pending rematch, he must now also fear the way of the Jaguar, taught only to muscular jungle fighters in parts unknown.

Don't be scared, homie.

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