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UFC on FUEL TV 1 results and live fight coverage for 'Sanchez vs Ellenberger' on Feb. 15 from Omaha

Live results!

It's time!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is set to pull the trigger on its FUEL TV debut TONIGHT (Feb. 15, 2012) LIVE from the Omaha Civic Auditorium in Omaha, Nebraska.

UFC on FUEL TV 1: "Sanchez vs. Ellenberger" will be headlined by a welterweight war featuring top division contenders Diego Sanchez and Jake Ellenberger facing off for a spot in the crowded 170-pound title chase. Stefan Struve and Dave Herman are also set to return to the Octagon for a heavyweight showdown in the co-featured fight of the night.

But that's not all. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of ALL the UFC on FUEL TV mixed martial arts (MMA) action below, beginning with the Facebook "Prelims" fights at 6:00 p.m. ET and running right on through to the FUEL TV telecast that starts at 8 p.m. ET on the basic cable channel.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the televised fights to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to sound off before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Sanchez vs. Ellenberger."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC on FUEL TV results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


170 lbs.: Jake Ellenberger def. Diego Sanchez via unanimous decision
265 lbs.: Stefan Struve def. Dave Herman via TKO at 3:52 of round two
185 lbs.: Ronny Markes def. Aaron Simpson via split decision
265 lbs.: Stipe Miocic def. Philip De Fries via KO at 0:43 of round one
135 lbs.: T.J. Dillashaw def. Walel Watson via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Ivan Menjivar def. John Albert via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:45 of round one
145 lbs.: Jonathan Brookins defeats Vagner Rocha via KO at 1:32 of round one
185 lbs.: Sean Loeffler vs. Buddy Roberts (cancelled due to Loeffler ankle injury)
155 lbs.: Justin Salas defeats Anton Kuivanen via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Tim Means defeats Bernardo Magalhaes via unanimous decision


Hemmi here!

Main Event:

170 lbs.: Diego Sanchez vs. Jake Ellenberger

Round one: Awesome staredown before we get things started. Both men look very intense. Ellenberger comes out swinging, whiffing with a pair of huge hooks. Sanchez lands a nice leg kick but Ellenberger has him backed into the fence. Sanchez ducks a big hook and they trade body kicks. Sanchez is being patient here, biding his time and throwing a combination to back Ellenberger off. Ellenberger lands a nice body kick as Sanchez backs him off, stalking. Sanchez is blocking most of Ellenberger's strikes, covering up when he throws anything. They exchange again and Ellenberger lands a big knee before the reset. Sanchez backs Ellenberger up with a big flurry but Ellenberger circles away. Sanchez lunges with a big flurry but eats a huge counter from Ellenberger which drops him. He recovers and gets back to his feet. Sanchez presses forward and Ellenberger lands some nice short strikes inside. Ellenberger blasts Sanchez right at the bell with a huge right hand. 10-9 Ellenberger

Round two: Sanchez whiffs with a spinning back kick and throws a heavy body kick which is semi-blocked. Ellenberger is looking to stalk Sanchez and land that big right hand, but Sanchez is avoiding it this round. Ellenberger connects with a nice left counter and then another left hook. Sanchez is exposing himself when he lunges in and Ellenberger is finding nice counter opportunities. Sanchez lunges in with a flurry and connects with a right hook before backing off. He bullrushes again and forces Ellenberger to back off. Sanchez wades in with a big looping left and Ellenberger ducks it, taking him down. Sanchez is in his full guard and attempts an armbar briefly before giving up on it. He again brings his legs up but retreats. Ellenberger drops a huge right elbow and then follows it up with some massive ground and pound shots until the horn, bloodying Sanchez up. 10-9 Ellenberger

Round three: Sanchez presses forward but he's not effective. Ellenberger continues to look for the counter. He lands a nice leg kick and a right hand which knocks Sanchez off balance. Sanchez is bleeding and he eats a beautiful left jab. They trade heavy blows and then reset. Ellenberger snaps Sanchez's head back with another nice left jab and Sanchez is getting frustrated. Sanchez lunges forward aggressively throwing a high volume of strikes and Ellenberger changes levels looking for the takedown but gives up on it. Sanchez again closes the distance but Ellenberger blasts him with a knee to the body. Sanchez throws a head kick and lands a nice left hand. Sanchez presses forward wildly looking to follow up and Ellenberger takes him down. Ellenberger is cut and Sanchez works his way back to his feet. Ellenberger slips on his way up and Sanchez takes his back. Sanchez passes to mount and traps one of Ellenberger's hands, dropping big strikes. Ellenberger is in trouble! Sanchez is postured up throwing strikes. He's got 30 seconds to finish this fight. Sanchez continues to drop strikes but they don't have much zip on them. Ellenberger reverses positions and gets back to his feet as both men throw big bombs at the final horn! 10-9 Sanchez

Final result: Jake Ellenberger defeats Diego Sanchez via unanimous decision (29-28x3)


Main Card (FUEL TV):

265 lbs.: Stefan Struve vs. Dave Herman

Round one: Herman slowly backs Struve up towards the fence and lands a few leg kicks as Struve throws a left jab and a big right head kick. Struve is now completely against the fence and Herman charges in but Struve reverses position. Herman throws a big right hand but misses and Struve responds with a 1-2 combination of his own. Struve throws an inside leg kick and Herman gets inside and throws a flurry but doesn't do much damage with it. They get back to the center of the cage, still feeling each other out and Struve throws a huge right hook which backs Herman off. Herman responds with a jumping front kick and then a nice right hand which connects. Struve pushes Herman back with a combination but Herman responds with a nice right hand. Struve is not establishing his range at all here but now he finally starts opening up, pressing forward more aggressively. Herman lands a nice leg kick and slips a big right hand, throwing a body punch that backs Struve into the fence. Struve eats a shot and smiles, and Herman lands another leg kick and then another. Herman catches a leg kick and throws a right hand before the bell. 10-9 Herman

Round two: Herman throws a right hand early and and Struve gets inside, clinching and securing a takedown directly into mount. Herman scrambles, giving up his back. Struve takes his back but Herman escapes out the back door. Herman lands a nice right hand and then a leg kick as Struve steps up the aggression, moving forward. Struve connects with a huge body kick and Herman responds with a big combination which is blocked. Herman continues to throw leg and body kicks. Struve presses forward and lands a nice leg kick. He lunges forward with a big right hand and Herman is forced to back away. Herman is on his bicycle now and Struve throws a beautiful combination, finishing it with a huge uppercut which drops Herman. Struve takes full mount and drops some punches. He's postured up and Herman is just covering up, eating strikes. He continues to pour it on and the ref steps in and puts a halt to it.

Final result: Stefan Struve defeats Dave Herman via TKO at 3:52 of round two


185 lbs.: Aaron Simpson vs. Ronny Markes

Round one: Markes puts together some big strikes and pushes Simpson into the fence. They battle in the clinch and the referee separates them. Simpson swings wildly with a looping overhand right and eats a jab as well as a pair of nice inside leg kicks. Simpson tries to land a straight right but Markes opens up with a big combination that backs him off. Simpson knocks Markes back with a nice left and then hurts him with a huge uppercut. Simpson swarms him but Markes has recovered and he gets in the guard. Simpson drops some elbows and fends off a sloppy armbar attempt before allowing Markes back to his feet. Markes pursues Simpson and throws a large volume of strikes but misses with most of them and Simpson pushes him into the fence until the horn sounds. 10-9 Simpson

Round two: Simpson lands a right hand and Markes responds with some heavy leg kicks. They clinch but quickly reset in the cage center and Markes again lands a nice leg kick. Simpson is getting the better of the punches, throwing his body into them and then he shoots for a takedown but gets stuffed easily. They clinch against the fence and Markes shoves him off. Simpson again initiates a clinch and can't take the fight to the ground with a throw and Markes takes inside position. Now Markes attempts a throw and gets denied as they trade inside position. Markes throws a nice short elbow and then secures a takedown, dropping some punches to the body from half guard. Simpson turns into him and Markes drops some punches. Simpson pops back to his feet and Markes takes inside position against the fence. They trade knees against the fence. 10-9 Markes

Round three: They trade punches early as both men stare at each other in the cage center. Both men miss with a wild exchange. Markes connects with a nice leg kick and then pushes SImpson into the fence. After a minute, they get separated and both men trade strikes in the cage center. Markes again lands a nice leg kick and Simpson whiffs with a huge overhand right. Simpson throws a push kick but Markes walks right through it and pushes him into the fence. Markes throws some foot stomps and can't take Simpson down as the ref separates them. Simpson charges forward and connects with a nice right hand and Markes responds with a knee to make him back off. Simpson shoots for a double leg but gets denied by a nice whizzer. Simpson grabs a body lock and backs off. Markes connects with a right hand as both man hit each other simultaneously and Simpson goes down. Markes drops some punches and secures a back body lock as Simpson gets to his feet. Markes secures a takedown with 20 seconds left and Simpson pops back to his feet as time expires, but his back was stuck against the fence the whole time. 10-9 Markes

Final result: Ronny Markes defeats Aaron Simpson via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


265 lbs.: Philip De Fries vs. Stipe Miocic

Round one: De Fries opens with a big takedown attempt but gets denied. De Fries starts charging forward with big right hands, connecting heavily and Miocic actually stumbles. They separate and Miocic lands a nice right hand and then charge forward, blasting De Fries and putting him down along the fence. De Fries drops to the canvas and Miocic finishes him off with ground and pound until the ref puts a halt to it.

Final result: Stipe Miocic defeats Philip De Fries via knockout at 0:43 of round one


135 lbs.: T.J. Dillashaw vs. Walel Watson

Round one: Dillashaw opens with a huge superman punch to close the distance and he works for a takedown. Dillashaw has a high single on Watson and only puts him down for a second. He takes him down again but Watson again pops back to his feet. The third time's the charm for Dillashaw as he scores a takedown and keeps Watson there, hanging out in his guard. Watson's legs fly around trying to throw submission attempts or sweep but Dillashaw takes his back during the scramble. Dillashaw almost has a rear naked choke but Watson defends. Watson hip escapes and retains half guard. He tries a sweep but gets denied. Watson tries to get to his feet but Dillashaw again takes his back and works for a choke but Watson defends and rolls to safety, although he gives up full mount. Dillashaw throws some elbows from top position and again attacks with a rear naked choke but can't secure it. Dillashaw again takes the mount and drops some punches. Watson is trying to scramble to safety but he's getting dominated. Watson turtles and somehow survives to the second round. 10-8 Dillashaw

Round two: Dillashaw connects with a big right hand early and charges in with another right hand, taking Watson down when he fires back. Dillashaw avoids Watson's active legs from bottom and just starts dropping big left hands and occasional elbows from half guard. Dillashaw again takes Watson's back in a scramble and then mount. He drops some big punches as Watson turns away and Watson is in survival mode. This is a brutal onslaught from Dillashaw and Watson is pretty much defenseless. Dillashaw again looks for a rear naked choke but Watson survives it again but just starts eating punches from above. Dillashaw postures up and keeps pounding him. Dillashaw again attempts a rear naked choke but can't do it and finishes the round by smashing Watson's face in. 10-7 Dillashaw

Round three: Watson throws a jumping kick early and a head kick but he misses. He's a gamer, you've got to give him that. Both men trade kicks and Dillashaw connects with a big right hand that turns Watson's head. Watson whiffs with a hook kick. Dillashaw gets inside with a big right hand and Watson attempts a guillotine but Dillashaw takes him down and passes to side control to escape it. Watson turns and escapes back to his feet with three minutes left. Watson throws a nice knee when Dillashaw shoots and forces him to back off. Dillashw connects with a nice right hand and then a big uppercut and Watson attempts a flying triangle choke! He almost has it but Dillashaw backs out and then escapes the follow-up omaplata. Watson now attacks with a heel hook but Dillashaw escapes and again takes top position on the ground. Dilalshaw takes Watson's back and again threatens with a rear naked choke but Watson escapes. Watson covers up and eats punches until the final horn. 10-9 Dillashaw

Final result: T.J. Dillashaw defeats Walel Watson via submission (30-25, 30-25, 30-26)


135 lbs.: Ivan Menjivar vs. John Albert

Round one: Albert opens with a push kick and doubles up a jab in Menjivar's face. Menjivar responds with a big overhand right that gets blocked. Albert is pushing a strong pace early, putting some pressure on Menjivar. They clinch and Albert lands a nice pair of knees. Menjivar whiffs with a big spinning back fist and they go to the canvas. Menjivar lands on top as Albert attempts a triangle choke and then an omaplata. Menjivar throws some hammer fists and Albert attempts an armbar. They trade leg locks attempts and Menjivar kicks Albert in the midsection as he turtles. Albert throws a big kick which stuns Menjivar and then he swarms him with a big flurry of strikes which include knees and punches. Menjivar is crowded against the fence and Albert throws a jumping guillotine but Menjivar slips out. Albert attempts an armbar but Menjivar slips out, takes his back and then chokes him out with a rear naked choke. Wow, what a round!

Final result: Ivan Menjivar defeats John Albert via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:45 of round one.


Preliminary Card (Facebook):

Kevin here!

145 lbs.: Jonathan Brookins vs. Vagner Rocha

Round one: Brookins with the jab but is countered by a big right hand from Rocha. Brookins lands a body shot then ducks out. Good leg kick by Brookins. Rocha answers. Rocha with a good one-two punch combo. Rocha looking very loose and is landing with a bit more frequency, early on. RBrookins lands a knee and a right hand to the head as Rocha rushes in. Brookins gets the takedown. He's on top of him. And Rocha is unconscious! What?? Rocha went for the heel hook and left his head exposed. Brookins landed five or six short, hard punches to the jawline and he put Rocha to sleep. Beautiful KO finish for former TUF winner Jonathan Brookins!

Final result: Jonathan Brookins via KO (punches) at 1:32 of round one


185 lbs.: Sean Loeffler vs. Buddy Roberts

Final result: Fight cancelled due to ankle injury suffered by Loeffler


155 lbs.: Anton Kuivanen vs. Justin Salas

Round one: Salas lands a good right jab right away. Salas goes for the takedown but thinks better of it. Back to center. Another good jab by Salas. Front kick by Kuivanen. Good body kick by Kuivanen. Salas rushes in throwing punches and is countered with a right hand to the head. Salas ducks under a punch and throws a big overhand left that only partially lands. Good looping right hook by Salas. Outside leg kick by Salas who then comes forward and lands a jab. Salas shoots and gets a great double leg takedown. Two minutes left. Salas looks to stack him and land some punches from the top. Kuivanen using upkicks to keep him at bay, and he's back up. Salas comes forward with a jab followed by an inside leg kick. Front kick by Salas, countered by a straight hand from Kuivanen that lands on the chin. Salas with the inside leg kick again. Kuivanen throws a head kick that gets blocked. Kuivanen stalking near the end of the round. Salas scores a powerful double leg takedown again, right as the horn sounds. 10-9 Salas.

Round two: Fighters meet in the middle and look again to find the distance. Salas comes forward, pawing a bit, possibly looking for another takedown. Salas with the flying knee that misses, and he clinches up against the fence right after. He backs away and throws a big left hand that doesn't connect. Kuivanen lands a hard right hand to the head as Salas shoots but doesn't commit to it. Three minutes left. Superman punch by Kuivanen, partially connects. Big left hand by Salas to the head. Salas' corner imploring him to be more aggressive and keep the pressure on. Salas grabs a hold of a leg but can't get the takedown. They'r clinched against the fence, but Kuivanen gets loose and lands a big body kick on exit. Salas with the left hand, transitions to the inside leg kick. One minute to go. Good left body kick by Kuivanen that scores to the ribs. Salas comes forward and lands several good quick punches. Good body kick by Salas. Salas tries to get a takedown as the round approaches its end. He's grabbing a hold of the single leg but can't quite get it. 10-9 Salas.

Round three: Good body kick by Kuivanen. Salas very voraciously trying for the takedown and he gets it. He's on top now, trying to push past Kuivanen's legs. Kuivanen very active from the bottom. He's going for the heel hook, momentarily, but Salas defends and works free of trouble. Salas lands a good punch from the top. Now another. Salas trying to toss Kuivanen's legs away so he can land some shots but he's having trouble. Not that time. Big left hand to the jaw by Salas. Three minutes left. Kuivanen is able to get back to his feet. Good right hand by Kuivanen but answered by a front kick to the body by Salas. Salas tries for another double leg takedown but Kuivanen defends well this time. Salas pushes him up against the cage and lands a couple good dirty boxing strikes. Back to center. Salas with a jump front kick that barely misses. Kuivanen with a big left hook to the head, but right after he lands, he's put right back on his butt by Salas who lands a power double leg takedown. Kuivanen able to get back up but eats a knee in the process. 10-9 Salas.

Final result: Justin Salas via unanimous decision


155 lbs:. Bernardo Magalhaes vs. Tim Means

Round one: Magalhaes starts off with an inside leg kick. Means answers. Very cautious start by both fighters. Means working the jab. Means with a good straight left hand to the body. Magalhaes feints a shot and pulls back out. Magalhaes with a good leg kick then a right hand that grazes the side of the head. Means with a good left cross. Magalhaes rushes in and eats a big knee during the takedown attempt which was unsuccessful. Just under three minutes to go. Magalhaes with a big inside leg kick that goes unchecked. Means clinches and delivers a knee to the head. Big right hand by Magalhaes. Two minutes left. Magalhaes rushes in and gets clipped. As he delivered a combo, Means avoided, put him in the muay thai clinch and delivered some damage. Means pounces on him and tries to put him in a d'arce choke but Magalhaes gets away. Back up to the feet. Magalhaes comes forward and again is the victim of more knees. The reach advantage for Means is playing a huge factor in the fight thus far. Big first round for Means. 10-9.

Round two: Means with a hard outside leg kick. Magalhaes is very aggressive, as he was in the first frame, but it's costing him big every time he rushes in. Magalhaes with a good inside leg kick but he is answered with a big right hand to the head. Means with a good one-two punch combo, finishing with the left hand to the head. Magalhaes comes forward and eats a couple more punches. Means with a hard jab that gets through to the face. Magalhaes is starting to get bloodied up. Magalhaes shoots, is unsuccessful and again, takes a lot of punishment for trying. Two minutes left. Magalhaes continues to throw a lot of big overhand rights that aren't landing, but could potentially be a problem later, as Means is holding hands very low. That said, Means' counter striking has been a big problem for Magalhaes. Near the end of the round, Means lands a big left hand strike to the liver that rocks Magalhaes and sends him to the mat. 10-9 Means.

Round three: Means right away is aggressive with two jabs and a follow up left that lands hard. Magalhaes is apparently having problems with a swollen foot that is severely limiting his mobility. Good left hook by Magalhaes. Magalhaes shoots, but is met again by the sprawl of Means. Magalhaes shoots, but doesn't come close to getting him down. He falls to guard and is met by a smattering of boos from the crowd. The referee stands him up. right away, he shoots again for a single leg but absolutely cannot get him down. He is currently 0-for-8. Means with a good, stiff jab, then another. Two minutes left. Means lands a good body shot and Magalhaes hits the mat. He's trying to lure Means to the ground, but nothing doing. Means with a very nice one-two punch combo to the head. Magalhaes shoots again and he's getting pummeled! Means is raining down elbows and punches! Means backs away to let him up. Just under a minute to go. There is currently a 90 to 16 discrepancy in head strikes, in favor of Means. That says it all. Means with a good kick to the body as Magalhaes is pretty much running backwards at this point, just trying to get out of this fight alive. Good knee by Means that definitely hurt him. 10-9 Means.

Final result: Tim Means via unanimous decision


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