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UFC Quick Quote: Fabricio Werdum vs Frank Mir in Brazil would be 'excellent'

Fabricio Werdum (left) vs. Frank Mir? Anyone?
Fabricio Werdum (left) vs. Frank Mir? Anyone?

"I hope I can fight in June in Brazil. I get there on Monday to be part of TUF (Wanderlei Silva Team), but I won’t stop training, even because the whole team will be together there. God bless me, UFC will give me the chance to bring this joy to people in Brazil. Anybody, I’m prepared to fight anybody. I’ve never picked out opponents my entire life. If it’s Frank Mir, excellent. If it’s not, it’s okay. I just wanna show I’m in the top 10 of the division."

Fabricio's world! Party time! Excellent! Fresh off a UFC 143 victory over the iron-chinned Roy Nelson back on Feb. 4 in Las Vegas, the new-and-improved Fabricio Werdum tells he hopes to continue his success in the promotion's heavyweight division while simultaneously proving he belongs among the top 10 in his weight class. Would a victory over former champion Frank Mir, who broke Brazil's heart (and Big Nog's arm) at UFC 140 back in December, be the means to that end? Or better yet, anyone out there in MMA land opposed to that potential match-up? And who wins the battle of jits and wits if they do eventually hook 'em up?

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