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Super Bowl score 2012: Live Giants vs Patriots coverage and updates (Fourth quarter)

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Super Bowl XLVI is taking place today (Sun., Feb. 5, 2012) from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, featuring the NFC Champion New York Giants taking on the AFC Champion New England Patriots.

We're three quarters in and it's still a close game. The Patriots opened the scoring in the third by driving down the field and getting a toss from Tom Brady to Aaron Hernandez. New York's linebackers couldn't cover the burly but athletic tight end and it showed.

The Giants did manage to drive down and kick a field goal to bring it to within five before driving down again to bring it to within two with another field goal but settling for three is never the way to beat a high powered offense like New England brings to the field. Then again, this one could come down to the leg of a kicker.

Here we go.

A live blog with updates from the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVI is after the jump. Remember to refresh often and enjoy the game!


Geno here.

The Patriots have it at the 38 yard line.

2nd and 3: Green-Ellis opens the fourth quarter with a five yard run for a first down.
1st and 10: Brady avoided two sacks and went to Rob Gronkowski all the way down to the eight yard line and Chase Blackburn of the Giants made an incredible play on the ball for the interception. Wow.

The Giants will start from their own eight yard line.

1st and 10: Manning starts the drive by throwing low to Hakeem Nicks for an incomplete pass.
2nd and 10: Ahmed Bradshaw went off tackle and fumbled the ball but the Giants again got a good bounce and recovered it. Man, they've gotten every bounce this postseason. Every single one.
3rd and 7: Manning threw short for Victor Cruz but a flag came down on the Patriots for offsides. That's a five yard penalty and a replay of the down. That's a big one and it looked like a bad call.
3rd and 2: Despite the short down and distance, Manning came out in the shotgun and gunned it down the field to Nicks. He really fit it in through the defense with a beautiful throw.
1st and 10: Bradshaw went up the gut for just a two yard gain.
2nd and 8: Cruz shows back up with a statistic, as Manning found him on an out route despite the fact that he was double covered just like he has been all game. That strategy has been working, too. Unfortunately, Jake Ballard was injured on the play. With Beckum's injury from earlier, that's two tight ends having gone down now.
3rd and 1: Manning threw into traffic but found Cruz for a big first down. They're absolutely making sure they have at least two guys on him at all times and he's still making plays.
1st and 10: Mario Manningham gets back into the game with his second catch of the night and a 12 yard gain for yet another first down.
1st and 10: Nicks makes his eighth catch of the night for a short gain of five.
2nd and 5: On a three step drop, Manning floated one up for Manningham and had him streaking down the sideline. Oh, man, he was wide open and Manningham ran the wrong route and squeezed himself too far over to the sidelines. That's a horrible play that could have been big for them. To compound their problems, the Giants were forced to call a timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty. That could cost them. They're down to one timeout with 9:35 left in the game.
3rd and 5: Jesus, they're shooting themselves in the foot big now. After all that, false start.
3rd and 10: Manning from the shotgun went for Manningham towards the sidelines and the Patriots made a great play on the ball. The fans are complaining and saying it should be pass interference but it looked like a clean play. The New York sideline is livid.

The ensuing punt is fair caught at the eight yard line where Tom Brady and New England will take over in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl with nine minutes to play.

1st and 10: Brady narrowly avoided a sack to get the ball away for an incompletion.
2nd and 10: Once again, Brady avoided a sack to get it to Wes Welker in the flat for a short gain. Huge third down upcoming.
3rd and 5: Giants blitzed from the corner and Brady burned them with a short completion to Danny Woodhead, who took it and ran downfield for a monster play of 19 yards up to the 32 yard line.
1st and 10: BenJarvus Green-Ellis got the rock for a three yard gain in a play that would have been inconsequential had Antrel Rolle, the Giants starting cornerback, not got hurt during it.
2nd and 7: They run a reverse to Welker and it catches the Giants off guard for an 11 yard gain. They went right after the corner who replaced Rolle and it worked.
1st and 10: Nothing going here, as Danny Woodhead ran into the line and was stopped after picking up just one yard.
2nd and 9: New England goes back into the hurry up and Brady hits Rob Gronkowski for a gain of six to set up a third down for the season for New York. Five and a half to go with one timeout.
3rd and 3: Brady found Aaron Hernandez for a four yard gain and a HUGE first down. It's damn near impossible to cover everyone on this team, especially considering the tight ends are athletic freaks.
1st and 10: Green-Ellis gets stuffed in the back field by Chris Canty for a loss of a yard. Nice penetration and exactly what the defense needed there.
2nd and 11: Brady went deep for Welker and they missed a huge opportunity here. Welker turned around on the ball and had it in his hands but just couldn't hang on. Wow.
3rd and 11: Brady had all day to throw and tried to get it to Deion Branch but just couldn't gun it in to him and that forces a punt. That was a bad throw behind Branch. And with under four minutes to play, here we go, folks.

The ensuing punt was fair caught at the Giants eight yard line where they will take over with the two minute warning and one timeout down by two.

1st and 10: On first down, Manning went deep downfield to Mario Manningham for an unbelievable pitch and catch of 38 yards all the way up to the 50 yard line. The Patriots challenged the play but the replays showed that Manningham got both feet in with possession of the ball. An absolutely amazing play.
1st and 10: Manning went for a back shoulder throw to Manningham on the sideline and it was way off. What a difference a play makes.
2nd and 10: This time Manning found Manningham for another first down inside the 35 yard line. We're now around the three minute mark.
1st and 10: They go to Manningham again to the outside and he doesn't get far, just a gain of three and they're up to the 32 yard line. 2:30 to go and counting.
2nd and 8: Manning found Hakeem Nicks on an inside slant all the way down to the 18 yard line. That gives them a first down from the 18 at the two minute warning. They still have one timeout.
1st and 10: Manning gives it to Bradshaw and he gets up to the New England 11 yard line after seven yards.
2nd and 3: They milk the clock and get it out to Nicks who uses a big stiff arm to pick up the first down. He went out of bounds with one minute left at the Pats seven yard line.
1st and 10: Bradshaw went up the middle and now the Patriots are taking timeouts because they want to make sure they at least get a chance to get the ball back in Brady's hands before this game ends.
2nd and 6: Oh, wow, The Patriots let Bradshaw go up to the end zone and he tried to fall down at the one yard line but he fell down into the end zone for the TOUCHDOWN. They go for two and don't get it.

Giants: 21, Patriots: 17

Now Tom Brady will have just under one minute with one timeout to get the ball downfield to score a touchdown to win the Super Bowl. This is what it all comes down to right here. Wow. What a game.

The kickoff was a touchback. Brady has to go 80 yards in 56 seconds.

1st and 10: On first down, Deion Branch dropped a pass that would have given them a 25 yard gain at least. That's hugely diappointing for New England.
2nd and 10: Aaron Hernandez drops a pass that hit him right in the hands and this is getting to the point where we might see a dump off just for a first down.
3rd and 10: Brady gets sacked at the 13 yard line by Justin Tuck and the Patriots take a timeout with 38 seconds to go with 16 yards to convert a first down and only 48 seconds left in the game.
4th and 16: Brady slipped away from a sack and managed to get the ball to Deion Branch for a first down to keep the game alive. Holy hell, Brady just went nuts on that one. And they got out of bounds.
1st and 10: Hernandez made the catch for another first down but the clock ticked down to 19 seconds. They're at their own 44 yard line.
1st and 10: Brady went for the end zone but couldn't get it to Hernandez The Giants were flagged for 12 men on the field anyway. They're up to the 50 with just nine seconds to go. Hail Mary time.
2nd and 10: Brady couldn't complete a pass to Deion Branch on the sidelines and it all comes down to this last Hail Mary with five seconds to go.
3rd and 10: Brady heaved it up and it was knocked down. That's it. The Giants did it again.

Giants: 21, Patriots: 17

The New York Giants are Super Bowl XLVI Champions.

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