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Video: Bob Sapp takes a dive at Vuisten Van Vuur

Don't blame Bob Sapp.

He's lost six of his last seven fights, none of which have gone past the first round. He's either tapping to strikes or turtling up until he gets submitted or the ref waves it off. This has been going on for almost three years now.

So either "The Beast" has deteriorated into the worst Super-heavyweight on the planet, or he's showing up -- then covering up -- to collect his paycheck.

So do we blame the promoter? Or ourselves?

If you show up to see him get clowned inside the opening frame, like he did against Volkan Duzgun in the video above, then you got your money's worth. If, however, you showed up expecting a competitive fight, then you got duped.

Sapp is supposed to take on fellow International attraction James Thompson as the main event in the upcoming Super Fight League show on March 11 in India. If he collapses in a heap when the fists start flying, no one can say they didn't see it coming.

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