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MMA Quick Quote: Paul Daley wants to rematch 'scared' Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley (left) survives a British bumrush from Paul Daley last July. Photo via
Tyron Woodley (left) survives a British bumrush from Paul Daley last July. Photo via

"Real fighters let the fight evolve in whichever way it should go, and they fight to finish, not stall.....real lions go for the kill. I beat Woodley in my opinion, so it wasn’t that frustrating. He fought a scared fight and was tired by the second round. I feel bad that the referee’s decisions gave him the win in the judges’ eyes. Three minutes of inactivity on the floor...that’s not scoring points, and it certainly ain’t entertaining for the fans, who all cheered when it was stood back up. After this fight, the only fight I should be offered is a rematch with Tyrone Woodley for the welterweight belt. It (the division) is interesting, but I think I am the only real character left, now that Nick Diaz has gone."

Strikeforce welterweight attraction Paul Daley (via, who battles PRIDE import Kazuo Misaki on the main card of the promotion's "Tate vs. Rousey" event this Saturday night (March 3, 2012) on Showtime, doesn't want to hear about any future match-ups unless they involve fellow 170-pound contender Tyron Woodley. "Semtex" lost a unanimous decision to "T-Wood" at the "Fedor vs. Henderson" event last July, but has yet to accept the loss as anything other than a poor job by the referee, for failing to restart the action when Woodley would secure takedowns and do little with them. Anyone think the British bomb-dropper is chewing on sour grapes? Or does he deserve a second chance to beat the unbeaten?

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