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'Countdown to TUF Brazil' video featuring Wanderlei Silva

"The big game is just starting. We just had the first broadcast on FOX [and Globo]. Of course, it's been good years until now, but I think that what's coming is much bigger. Everyone can get the opportunity, the sky is made with a lot of stars. You just have to make yours shine. Stay with the right people and the right trainers. Stay focused and keep training. Nowadays, when you start fighting, a lot of people come around offering you stuff. 'Let's do this! Let's go over here!' The thing is to stay focused, to study the art. To come into the gym and train. Eat well, sleep well. We depend on out bodies because on fight days, your buddies won't fight the fight for you. It will be you up there and if you lose, those guys will find someone else to suck up to."

Words of encouragement at Rio's XGYM from mixed martial arts (MMA) megastar Wanderlei Silva, who travels back to his native homeland to coach an upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Brazil opposite fellow countryman and longtime rival Vitor Belfort. "The Axe Murderer," who rose to prominence in PRIDE and then again in the UFC, is ready to give back to the sport that made him financially secure by taking on a team of up-and-coming fighters from the mean streets of Brazil. Anyone think Team Wandy is going to come out on top? Or will Team Phenom walk away with Brazilian bragging rights?

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