UFC 144 results: Tim Boetsch wants to fight Dan Henderson next


Joe Rogan hyperbole aside, Tim Boetsch may very well have executed one of the greatest comebacks in MMA history this past Sat., Feb. 25, 2012, when he came back from a two round beatdown to knock out Yushin Okami at UFC 144 in Japan.

It marked the third consecutive victory in his new weight class of 185-pounds, each more impressive than the last. So what's next for a 31-year-old "Barbarian" who is just now coming into his own?

The first name that popped up in Boetsch's head was Dan Henderson:

"Honestly, the name that really pops in my head is Dan Henderson just because they're wondering what to do with him. Dan Henderson has been a hero of mine since I started in this sport. I really admire the guy. He's a great fighter, been at the top for a long time. I think part of taking that step to the next level is beating one of your hero's and for me, that would be Dan Henderson. I think that would be interesting and very exciting."

Henderson, of course, is lying in wait for the winner of the Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans light heavyweight championship fight at UFC 145 on April 21 in Atlanta. Passing that up to take a risky fight against Boetsch one weight class lower seems unlikely.

Still, it would probably be fun.

Hear more from Boetsch on his big win over Okami after the jump.

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