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UFC 144 results: Tim Boetsch knocks out Yushin Okami in comeback win for the ages

Pictured: Tim Boetsch.
Pictured: Tim Boetsch.

The UFC 144: "Edgar vs. Henderson" pay-per-view event going down tonight (Sat., Feb. 25, 2012) in Saitama, Japan, featured a middleweight contest pitting native son Yushin Okami against the always tough Tim Boetsch.

"Thunder," of course, hadn't been seen since he was demoralized by Anderson Silva back at UFC 134 in Aug. 2011. Boetsch came in having settled in quite nicely at 185-pounds with a pair of solid decision victories.

He'll never top this performance, though.

That's because Boetsch got dominated for the first two rounds of the fight before saying screw it and going all "Barbarian" in the final frame. He landed roughly 25 shots to Okami's chin -- we're talking bombs, folks -- before "Thunder" dropped to the mat helpless.


It was clear from jump street that Okami's vaunted jab was back with a vengeance. It disappeared completely in the Silva fight but made a roaring comeback here, which is good because it gave him near complete control of the fight.

Boetsch simply looked lost inside the Octagon with Okami, attempting to utilize head movement to avoid the "Thunder" but his efforts were futile.

The first round clearly went to the Japanese superstar.

The second saw Okami dominate in a different way. He shot in for a takedown that Boetsch attempted to combat with a guillotine choke. The problem, of course, is that the American expended all his energy going for it. It led to Okami getting out, gaining full mount and dropping bombs to end the round.

Only a finish would save "The Barbarian."

That's what his corner told him and that's exactly what he went out and did. Instead of laying back and staying patient, Boetsch came out and got his King Kong on with monster punches that landed hard and clean. He literally landed about 28 big shots until Okami dropped to the mat, knocked out.

No doubt, this was one of the greatest comebacks in UFC history. Just awesome.

Remember, too, to check out our ongoing live coverage of the UFC 144 main card action by clicking here.

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