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Legacy Fighting Championship (LFC) 10 results: Recapping a fight card full of finishes on Feb. 24 in Houston

FEBRUARY 24, 2012: Legacy Fighting Championship put on a show for the fans in Houston, Texas, as LFC 10 took place at the Houston Arena Theatre.
FEBRUARY 24, 2012: Legacy Fighting Championship put on a show for the fans in Houston, Texas, as LFC 10 took place at the Houston Arena Theatre.

Legacy Fighting Championships (LFC) -- the self-proclaime "number one mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in Texas -- set up shop in Houston last night (Fri., Feb. 24, 2012), giving the fans in "Space City" a memorable and exciting night of combat sports action.

LFC 10 featured a main event that was originally scheduled to feature a match up between Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran Gerald Harris and D.J. Linderman; however, unfortunately, "Da Protege" came in 10 pounds overweight, forcing him out of the main event and off the card altogether.

After some shuffling of the deck, a new main event of Pat Audinwood vs. Justin Reiswerg took center stage with a lightweight showdown that sealed the deal on the evening, once and for all.

In the first round of the main event, Reiswerg appeared to roll his left ankle when planting his foot after a kick. It was an injury that didn't cause the fight to be stopped, but it certainly hampered him all throughout. Reiswerg fought through it valiantly, and he even put forth some very solid offense in the third round that had his opponent shrinking back and taking a defensive posture.

Unfortunately, it was all for naught when he slipped while throwing a kick, finding himself on the back and underneath Audinwood who jumped all over the opening.

It was instantly clear that Audinwood's ground game was far superior, as he transitioned from one submission attempt to another, until he finally cinched up a tight armbar that left Reiswerg no option but to tap.

After the jump, we'll take a look at the rest of the action from LFC 10.

In the co-main event, Gerald Harris' range and size proved to be an obstacle too tall to overcome for the undersized Eric Davilla.

For three rounds, "Hurricane" used his grappling and cage control to frustrate Davilla and outpoint him on the way to a unanimous decision.

Though Harris was able to score a few exciting powerbombs, he never threatened to finish or looked to seriously hurt his opponent.

Near the end of the final round, Davilla appeared to have hurt Harris with a strike during a scrum that caused Harris to "turtle up" and cautiously make it out of the round and the fight. It may have had a different conclusion if Davilla had really seized the moment, but it's likely that he was too gassed and worn out by Harris' wrestling by that point in the fight.

Harris won the fight by decision, but did little to win many fans in the process.

In what ended up being the quickest fights of the night, Rey Trujillo defeated Munil Adriano after rushing in and landing a perfectly placed "superman punch" to the chin of his opponent, sending him spiraling to the mat instantly.

It was over almost as soon as it started, leaving Adriano wondering what happened and what day it was.

Very impressive KO win for Trujillo.

Sometimes you witness an MMA fight that just makes you feel bad for a fighter -- and in awe of the other. LFC 10 featured just such a match up as Chidi Njokuani made easy work of the hometown hero Jon Harris en route to a first round TKO.

It was all about Njokuani's muay thai clinch work, as he used filthy knees to repeatedly bludgeon his opponent into his eventual demise.

After one particular knee to the midsection, Harris crumbled to the canvas instantly and was pounced on before the referee jumped in and saved him from taking further damage.

It was a fantastic TKO finish for Njokuani who looks to have a lot of potential as a fighter.

Carson Beebe started off by overwhelming Tim Snyder from the very opening bell. It looked like it would be a short night for Snyder, but Beebe's inexperience shone as he was unable to figure out a way to secure a finish after spending the majority of the round in dominant top position.

The second round was basically a re-run of the first as Beebe spent much of the time on top, but did not ever get close to finishing. If anything, Snyder did more damage by opening up a cut with a short punch in one of the exchanges, but it barely made a dent in the scorecard after he spent almost the whole round on his back.

For a summary of the third round, see the prior two paragraphs and imagine new words. Seriously. This whole fight could be summarized as follows: Bell rings. Beebe gets takedown. Beebe lays on top and stays just active enough to not get stood up.

Hey, it's a strategy that worked (as Beebe scored the unanimous decision victory), but I'd be lying if I told you this was a fun fight to watch.

The first main card bout was an explosive and violent welterweight affair between Alex Morono and Rashon Lewis that saw neither fighter wasting any time getting down to business.

The early exchanges in the first round were fairly even and full of back-and-forth volleys of lightning quick kicks by both men.

Finally, Morono was able to take advantage of an opportunity by clipping his opponent with a big right hand that landed right behind the ear and had him staggering backwards.

It was only seconds later when the referee called a stop to the action to save Lewis who was in the middle of taking a ton of punishment.



155 lbs.: Pat Audinwood def. Justin Reiswerg via submission (armbar) at 3:33 of round three
185 lbs.: Gerald Harris def. Eric Davilla via unanimous decision
155 lbs.: Rey Trujillo def. Munil Adriano via KO (punch) at 0:24 of round one
179 lbs.: Chidi Njokuani def. Jon Harris via TKO (strikes) 1:54 of round one
135 lbs.: Carson Beebe def. Tim Snyder via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Alex Morono def. Rashon Lewis via TKO (strikes) at 4:02 of round one

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