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UFC Quick Quote: Stupid fighters want wars, intelligent fighters want a quick finish

"I love how so many fighter say, I just want a war.. I just listened to a guy who got a quick knockout and then said, I would have rather had a long war. Are you stupid??? I like short fights. If every fight could be quick, Im more than happy with that, but unfortunately its rare. "I just want a war", or "I love getting hit" Really stupid?? Because I dont. Thats why I train, to not get hit & not take damage. This sport is no longer a "tough-man" competition, its a stratigic equation, and most of the time, the more intelligent fighter wins. I don't know about you, but I don't want my brain to be used as a speed bag."

UFC welterweight contender Jake Ellenberger, who punched his ticket to bigger and better things within the 170-pound division with a convincing unanimous decision win over Diego Sanchez earlier this month, tells his Facebook fans he's not interested in seeing how many shots he can take, or how long he can stand and bang against his opponents. "The Juggernaut" would much rather implement an effective gameplan, avoid damage and finish the fight as early as possible. Anyone think Ellenberger has the right approach? Or is the "war" mentality why we love so many of the sport's scrappy fighters?

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