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Video: UFCs Dana White blasts 'racist' Floyd Mayweather Jr. for Jeremy Lin comments, among others

"Yes Floyd, you're racist."

Here it is, the video footage of FUEL TV's "UFC Tonight," which aired tonight (Feb. 21, 2012), during which Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White went ballistic on Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his history of racially-charged sentiments.

White was fuming over Mayweather's recent attack on New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, who is of Taiwanese decent. In addition to calling perhaps the best boxer on the planet a "racist," White also referred to "Pretty Boy" as a "knucklehead" and a "dummy."

Don't hold back, Dana.

He then challenged Mayweather to "shut up" and to finally make the fight that all the boxing fans want to see, which is against Manny Pacquaio. That's going to be hard, considering Mayweather opted to fight Miguel Cotto instead on May 5, 2012, and then surrender himself four weeks later to serve a 90-day jail sentence in Las Vegas, Nevada, for domestic violence.


Read all about who said what and when, including a partial transcript of White's comments, right here.

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