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Derek Brunson out of Strikeforce fight with 'Jacare' Souza after failing eye exam

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Stop the presses.

Earlier today (Feb. 21, 2012) during the media conference call for Strikeforce: "Tate vs. Rousey," Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker announced the planned middleweight bout between former champion Ronaldo Souza and undefeated prospect Derek Brunson had been cancelled due to the latter failing his medicals.

Coker stated that they're looking for a late replacement opponent for Souza and still plan on featuring him on the main card.

The Strikeforce head honcho would not elaborate on what particular issue forced Brunson out of the fight, only stating that Brunson's problem was not severe.

However, Brunson himself took to Twitter to explain the situation. And it's not at all what you would think.

Immediately after the announcement, Brunson explained that it was a failed eye exam which cost him an opportunity to compete in what would be, by far, the biggest fight of his burgeoning career.

"Failed medicals = eye exam lol. I'm blind mf-ers.....Ok here's the deal ... I've been fighting with contacts for 11 fights (9pro,2ams) never was an issue. Ohio won't pass my eye exam.... and btw im bummed. I had a month to prepare for the Jacare fight. Was working a lot of stand up & td defense. Was certain to tko or ko...Stevie Wonder can play a piano blind & blind people can drive cars , but i can't fight with contacts #doesntmakesense"

Brunso also stated that he's immediately scheduling some corrective laser surgery

"FYI I'm working on getting lasik this week, I'll be back in no time!!!"

As an added bonus, apparently Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold decided to kick Brunson while he was down.

"SO SURPRISING! The only male cheerleader in MMA backs out of his toughest fight! @DerekBrunsonMMA put down the gloves and pick ur pom pom's!"

Brunson, as expected, didn't take the insult lying down.

"@rockholdMMA 100% I'd ko you, you're to weak and slow. my style trumps yours ... Karate kid. You're the champ by default."

Do you feel this delayed opportunity will be good or bad for Brunson's career?

Sound off!

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