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UFC's Sean Loeffler recounts wild redneck MMA fight from the early days of his career (MMAmania exclusive)

Pictured: Sean Loeffler by Nick Morris
Pictured: Sean Loeffler by Nick Morris

If you've never had a chance to speak with "The Destroyer" Sean Loeffler, he's quite the character.

The veteran middleweight has been fighting for 12 years, once wrestled with Shaquille O'Neil, and is currently dating Miss November from 2011's issue of Playboy.

Needless to say, he's been around the block and when he starts talking, you listen.

Loeffler was slated to make his UFC debut last Wednesday against Buddy Roberts at UFC on Fuel TV before a horrific fight night ankle injury prevented him from competing. He discussed his story and emotions about missing the bout in part one of our interview with him from yesterday. In fact, he's slated to have surgery on the torn ligament in his ankle today.

But there's plenty more to share.

During his appearance on The Verbal Submission, Loeffler told some of the wildest and craziest stories about the early days of his MMA career when he was fighting in po-dunk promotions all around the world. We've got one for you today and it's a doozy.

(Warning R-Rated language inside)

We'll let Sean Loeffler take over from here:

"I've got some crazy training stories that have gone on, just like the places that I've been to fight. I'll tell a funny story about a precursor to where MMA is now. I fought a fight in 2000 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was a tiny little production. They flew me out there and I was fighting for $200 and then in my contract when I got there, it said either A.) They would pay for the hotel room if I won, or B.) I would pay for the hotel room if I lost. I was like, "I'm fighting for $200 and a hotel room or I'm basically fighting for free."

So I get to the event and it's snowing and it colder than a fucking witch's titty out there so I'm sitting there looking at the event and it's in half of a barn and half of the barn is covered with wooden roofs and they've got bleachers in that half of the barn and space heaters because they had outlets.

The other half of the barn is uncovered so they've got blue tarps overhanging half the cage and then this other area where they've got bales of hay for people to sit on and there's a fuckin' poster board that says:

Cage Fights

Bleacher seating - $10

Bale seating - $5

So the bales are covered in snow under a tarp and the bleachers have space heaters and you're in the bleachers in half of a barn, right? It's not a huge bit of comfort but I'm looking at my coach and I go, "There's no fucking way anybody's gonna sit in the bales of hay when they can sit in heated bleachers for five bucks more."

We were the main event to the show and there was four people sitting in the bleachers and about 1400 on the bales of hay just yelling like rednecks and I'm like, "You've got to be fucking kidding me. They just wanted to save their five bucks so they can buy two beers."

Then the best part happens. My opponent, he goes, "I don't want to fight that guy," and I'm like, "What are you talking about?" My opponent was like 10-10. He's like, "I ain't fighting that guy. That tattoo boy there looks like he knows some hee-haw shit and I ain't gonna fucking fight."

So some other guy is like, "Well I'll fight him!" and they're like, "You will?" and this other guy is like, "Yeah!" and he's got jeans on. So they bring him into the cage, they give him fucking basketball shorts and he takes his shirt off, he's got a wifebeater on and we're the main event, by the way, and I'm now fighting some guy that's never fought martial arts before in the year 2000 and he's standing across from me and the ref goes, "Are you ready? Are you ready? Fight!" and [my opponent] just goes, "Stop!" and I'm like, "What the fuck?" At this point I'm like, "What the fuck is going on? I need to knock this guy out so I don't have to pay for a hotel room."

So I stop and he goes, "Ted! Ted!" and he starts yelling "Ted!" and this guy comes out of the audience and he looks at me and goes, "Sorry brother," and out of the basketball shorts they gave him he pulls out his wallet, a pocket knife and a can of dip and he goes, "I almost forgot this was in my pocket, brother!" He hands this fucking pocket knife and his wallet over the cage to his brother and he goes, "I'm good!" and then I just kicked him in the face and he goes unconscious. I just walked out of the cage and was like, "Fuck. This."

That was one of the funnier cageside stories I could ever be a part of."

Believe it not, the next story actually tops this one. Stay tuned, Maniacs, for part three of "The Sean Loeffler Experience."

To listen to the complete audio of our interview with Sean, click here. (Interview starts at 32 minute mark and it was Gerry Rodriguez who got this hilarious story out of him at the 47 minute mark).

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