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ESPN Jeremy Lin comment leads to suspension of 'MMA Live' host Max Bretos

Photo of MMA Live host Max Bretos via <a href=""></a>.
Photo of MMA Live host Max Bretos via

"MMA Live" host Max Bretos, who replaced Jon Anik when the latter fled the scene for greener pastures, has been suspended by ESPN for 30 days after he asked Walt Frazier if there was a "chink in the armor."

He was referring to basketball sensation Jeremy Lin, who was born in California to Taiwanese parents.

Bretos, whose wife is Asian, was likely using the oft-heard phrase to describe potential flaws in the still-evolving game of the NBA point guard, who went from bench warmer to barn burner when the New York Knicks called him into play earlier this month.

In fact, the comment might have flown completely under the radar, had it not come on the heels of ESPN editor Anthony Federico's epic gaffe, a website headline on that read "Chink in the Armor: Jeremy Lin's 9 Turnovers Cost Knicks in Streak-stopping Loss to Hornets."

The headline, which Federico tells the NY Daily News was not done to be "cute or punny," remained online for 35 minutes before being taken down.

Following the incident, Bretos took to his Twitter to apologize for his "inappropriate" racial reference.

Video after the jump.

A replacement for Bretos on the next edition of MMA Live has yet to be announced.

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